NIJC The National Immigrant Justice Center is a legal aid organization that advocates for human rights and immigration reform with offices in Chicago, Indiana, D.C.
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  • 9 Problems With Detaining Refugee Mothers And Children

    In the past nine months, more than 66,000 mothers and children fled violence in Central America and came to the United States seeking safety. In a hasty response, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) opened or expanded three detention centers with plans to open a fourth, including facilities run by GEO Group and Corrections Corporation of America (CCA)—for-profit, private prison corporations with troubling human rights records. Detaining mothers and children is costly for taxpayers and threatens American values of due process and family welfare. Incarcerating mothers and children who have escaped violence is a shameful response to a humanitarian crisis.

  • Top 10 Reasons Why Immigration Courts Need More Funding

    U.S. immigration courts are grossly underfunded, causing people to wait for incredibly long periods of time just for a court date, lots of frustration for immigration judges, and a whole host of other problems (as you’ll see below). All we’re asking is for a little bit of help (ok, and money) to make the system more efficient!

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