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Which The Lion Guard Character Are You?

Which character from Disney Junior's 'The Lion Guard' are you?

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  1. What is 'fun' to you?

    Hanging out with my friends
    Trying something new
    Reading or watching television
    Going to parties
  2. What are you afraid of?

    People who annoy me
    Nothing scares me!
    My friends or family getting hurt
    Having to fight someone
    I'd rather not say
  3. Favourite 'Lion Guard' villain?

  4. Favourite thing to eat?

  5. If someone hit your friend on purpose, you would...

    Step forward and try to threaten the bully into leaving
    Try to negotiate or make peace
    Attack the bully! How dare they hurt my friend!
    Ask the bully why they did that
    Lead your friend away and go tell your teacher or boss
  6. You go to a party and you hardly know anyone there. What do you do?

    Find someone you know and stick by them the whole time
    Go off and sit by yourself, hoping someone will come to you
    Do something silly to get people to notice you
    Go out and talk to people! Socialise!
    Gather as many people as you know and go find something to do
  7. Which of the following most describes you?

  8. Last question: Do you have any love interests in your life?

    Nope. It's just me, myself and I. And I like it that way!
    I've had my eye on someone for a while now.
    I prefer not to say.
    I'm not fussy. If someone comes along, then sure, I'll try something out.
    Yeah! And they're really nice and sweet.

Which The Lion Guard Character Are You?

You got: Kion

You are most like Kion! Your motto is Hevi Kabisa, which translates to 'totally intense'! You can be fierce, generous and you're also a natural leader. Even though you have your doubts sometimes, you always try to make the right choices; not just for you, but for your friends and family too.

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You got: Bunga

You are most like Bunga! Your motto is Zuka Zama, which translates to 'Pop up, Dive in'. You're brave, crazy and a risk-taker. You have your group of friends, and you're satisfied with that, and always try to see the positive side of life. However, be careful; your risk-taking can get you in trouble!

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You got: Fuli

You are most like Fuli! Your motto is Huwezi, which means 'You can't catch me!' You are smart, a little vain, but fast too, which is helpful in work or school. You're totally loyal to your friends, you're good at being a bit sneaky and you enjoy being the centre of attention sometimes. You also get easily annoyed at some things, but you're good at putting up with people who irritate you, and you would never hesitate to stand up for a person in need, even though you don't mind being alone every once in a while.

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You got: Beshte

You are most like Beshte! Your motto is Twende Kiboko, which means, 'Let's go, hippo'! You're kind, strong and calm in stressful situations. You always think before you leap, and you try to think of what's best for everyone when you're about to do something. You enjoy helping others and being there for your friends, and although you prefer peace, you would do anything to protect them. People tend to like you, and you get along with almost anyone.

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You got: Ono

You are most like Ono! You're motto is 'Hapana', which means 'Oh no'! You are intelligent, keen and very alert. You're a very helpful friend and you're usually the brains of the group. Although you can be a bit pessimistic, you try to see things as they are. You are also very loyal, and determined in what you do.

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