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The 37 Steps Of Going No 'Poo

No 'Poo is a method of washing your hair without traditional shampoo or conditioner. If you've ever been tempted to try No 'Poo, you've probably experienced something like this.

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1. You're really sick of how your hair has been behaving lately.

Walt Disney Pictures / Via

2. And good shampoo and conditioner is so expensive!

Warner Bros. / Via

3. And your friend with fabulous hair tells you how awesome No 'Poo is.

4. So you hit up the internet to research it further.

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5. And tons of bloggers give No 'Poo a good thumbs up.

6. And they all have gorgeous hair.

7. So you figure "What the hell, I'll give it a shot."

NBC / Via

8. And you buy all the ingredients.

9. And you try No 'Poo for the first time.

Sony Pictures / Via

10. First, you're not sure how you feel about it.

Fox / Via

11. But you've read that you need to give it a few weeks, so...

Warner Bros. / Via

12. You try it again.

Disney / Via

13. And again.

14. And again.

15. But your hair looks TERRIBLE.

16. You stick with it for a while but it just gets worse.

17. You try to tame your hair with tons of products.

Interscope Records / Via

18. And you even start to worry that people are making fun of your hair behind your back.

Paramount Pictures / Via

19. You're full of regret.

20. You get really, really down on yourself.

Studio Ghibli / Via

21. You think about chopping off your hair.

HBO / Via

22. Or even shaving your head.

Warner Bros. / Via

23. You consider hats...

24. Or even a wig.

IFC / Via

25. 4 or 5 weeks go by...

Jarrod Erbe / Via

26. You're just about to throw in the towel.

27. You give it one last shot.

Fox / Via

28. You cross your fingers that your hair will finally look decent...

29. You dry off...

30. And OH. EM. GEE.

NBC / Via

31. Your hair looks INCREDIBLE.

Elle / Via

32. It's so soft!

33. And shiny!

Disney / Via

34. Everyone notices how awesome you look.

AP / Via

35. You're saving a ton of money.

Nickelodeon / Via

36. You've never felt prettier.

37. And life is awesome.

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