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    Schitt's Creek Fashion: Moira Rose's 12 Best Outfits, Ranked

    We're all well aware that Schitt's Creek is eye candy for fashion lovers, and nobody brings the LEWKS more than the Rose family matriarch, Moira, played by the incomparable Catherine O'Hara. Here are Moira's best outfits, ranked by how fierce and fabulous they are.

    12. Dr. Clara Mandrake

    Moira Rose in Crow Costume
    Pop / Via

    When Moira went to film a B-movie sequel in Bosnia, she gave it her all and it turned into a surprise hit. And her costume as Dr. Clara Mandrake, the scientist who became crow-ified, was as iconic as her performance.

    11. Mod in Metallics

    Pop / Via

    You mean you don't wear a minidress covered in giant silver pailettes for a night of babysitting in a motel?

    10. High-Class Holidays

    Pop / Via

    Before they lost everything, Moira and the Roses threw opulent Christmas parties at their mansion. This flashback look was a cultural reset.

    9. Glamourously Gingham

    Moira in a gingham suit
    Pop / Via

    On Moira's last day in Schitt's Creek, she wore a chic gingham suit. Since she was about to get on a plane to L.A., I hope her neck ruffle inflated into a stylish travel pillow.

    8. A Capella Polish

    Pop / Via

    How could the Jazzagals not accept Moira into their ranks when she's this fashionable?

    7. Muppet Couture

    Johnny and Moira getting ready to buy a Christmas Tree from Ray
    Pop / Via

    Moira looks warm, cozy, and fabulous wrapped in voluminous black fur.

    6. "The Crows Have Eyes: The Crowening" Premiere Gown

    Moira Rose in a pale gold sequin and feather gown
    Pop / Via

    This is just pure over-the-top glam, and it's exciting to see Moira embrace lighter colors once in a while.

    5. Flapping her Fashun Wings

    Moira wearing a suit with birds on it
    Pop / Via

    Moira looks ready to soar in this sleek black suit covered in birds. And lest you think that Moira only wears couture, this suit was from Zara!

    4. Dignified in the Delivery Room

    Pop / Via

    What, you don't wear a Balenciaga outfit that looks like an optical illusion while you support your friend who's in labor at the hospital?

    3. Garbage Bag Glamour

    Moira in a black plastic dress
    Pop / Via

    If you're not rocking a sexy Hefty bag and killer statement jewelry while wandering in a small-town meadow, I don't even want to know you.

    2. Goth Glam in Amish Country

    Moira and Johnny Rose on a porch in Amish Country
    Pop / Via

    When going to rescue your adult son is who is stranded in Amish Country, it's imperative to dress like a grown-up Lydia Deetz, step-daughter of Delia Deetz from Beetlejuice (shout-out to another of Catherine O'Hara's iconic roles).

    1. Pope Moira: Her Wedding Officiant Look

    Moira ready to officiate David and Patrick's Wedding
    Pop / Via

    The long wig, the way the hair wraps around the mitre hat, the gold gloves, the smokey eye. Bow down and worship this perfection.