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    A Definitive Round Up Of Ross Geller's Best And Worst Moments On "Friends"

    I think we can all agree he had his moments. Few and far between, but they were there.

    1. Cool: He could be pretty romantic when he wanted to be.

    Ross points out star constellations on a projected screen for Rachel

    Whether he was watching the stars at the planetarium with Rachel or running off to an inn in Vermont with Emily, Ross knew how to plan a romantic moment.

    2. Worst: When he got caught smoking pot, he blamed it on Chandler.


    This caused Ross' parents, Jack and Judy, to dislike Chandler for something that wasn't even his fault.

    3. Cool: He was smart, with a thirst for knowledge and culture.

    Ross adjusts a statue of a prehistoric male

    Real talk: The group did Ross dirty by always making fun of him for being a boring nerd. There's nothing wrong with being interested in science, art, and culture; in fact, it's one of his best qualities!

    4. Worst: He didn't want his son playing with a Barbie.

    Ross holds his young son who has a Barbie in his hands

    Even for 1996, Ross' heteronormativity and fragile masculinity are disappointing.

    5. Cool: He wasn't afraid to experiment with fashion.

    Ross wears leather pants and a matching button up shirt as he ushers his young son into Monica's apartment

    Whether he was donning leather pants, a tiny "Frankie Says Relax" t-shirt, or a Colonel Sanders suit, Ross was pretty fearless when it came to fashion. It rarely paid off, but hey, you've got to give him credit for trying!

    6. Worst: When he couldn't deal with his daughter having a male nanny.

    Ross sits on the couch with a skeptical look on his face as Rachel smiles beside him

    Speaking of fragile masculinity and heteronormativity, the way Ross treated Sandy was abhorrent.

    7. Cool: He was a good, attentive parent.

    Ross cradles his newborn daughter close to his face as he sits on the couch

    Ross had two different children with two different exes. Both Carol and Rachel told Ross that he could be as involved as he wanted to be and, both times, Ross stepped up to be an attentive, loving dad. Sure, Ben disappeared by Season 8 and Ross didn't seem to mind that Emma was moving to Paris with her mom in Season 10, but that's more about lazy writing than Ross' fatherly qualities.

    8. Worst: He fat-shamed Monica.

    Chandler sits next to Monica on the coffee shop couch as Ross sits next to them at a free standing table

    To be fair, most of the characters teased Monica about how she used to be fat, not just Ross. But, his fat-shaming and abuse were the worst. With a brother like that, no wonder Monica grew up to be a bit neurotic and insecure.

    9. Cool: He was a good friend.

    Ross gives Phoebe a bike styled for a little kid as a gift and her mouth is open with shock/happiness

    Ross could definitely be a good friend when he wanted to be. He kissed Joey to help him audition for a role as a gay man. He skipped a TV appearance to help an injured Rachel get ready for an important event. He bought Joey the porcelain dog when the rest of his items got repossessed. And, he bought a bike for Phoebe when he found out that she'd never had one as a kid (sob).

    10. Worst: Lesbian-shaming Carol and Susan.

    Ross points a finger at Susan, who glares at him while Carol sits between them smiling

    It's normal to be upset that your marriage has ended because your spouse is in love with someone else. But, Carol didn't leave Ross to hurt him; she realized who she truly was and found love with another woman. And, for most of the series' run, Ross spoke about Carol and Susan's lesbianism as a punchline.

    11. Cool: He was a good problem-solver.

    Ross stands with his hands clasped together in front of a naked man holding a soda cup

    Honestly, the way Ross ended up winning Ugly Naked Guy's apartment is pretty iconic.

    12. Worst: He put the moves on his cousin.

    Ross' cousin reaches for the popcorn in his lap as Ross sits with his mouth open

    'Nuff said.

    13. Cool: He could dance.

    Monica poses with her arm outstretched as she's picked up by Ross who has one arm in the air

    Sure, the routine was cheesy, but you can't say that Ross didn't give it his all.

    14. Worst: He was jealous and possessive.

    Rachel sits at her work desk which is overflowing with flower bouquets and a card with Ross' face on it

    Ross' jealousy ended up costing him his relationship with Rachel. Sure, we later found out that Mark was into Rachel, but Ross didn't trust her enough to leave things alone. And he wasn't only jealous of Mark — he was jealous of the time that Rachel spent at her new job, a job that she truly cared about.

    15. Cool: He went out of his way to help Sarah after injuring her.

    Chandler, Joey, and Ross help a little girl into a tin foil covered arm chair

    After accidentally injuring little Sarah, Ross did everything he could to help her win a trip to Space Camp by selling Brown Bird cookies. When he wasn't able to sell the most, he had Chandler and Joey help him create an outer space experience for Sarah in their apartment. It was adorable and very sweet.

    16. Worst: Getting angry at Chandler for sleeping with Monica.

    Ross stands in front of a window with a pained look on his face as one of his colleagues looks on in horror behind him

    His paternalistic attitude towards Monica was gross. Monica was a 30-year-old woman with agency, not a helpless little girl.

    17. Cool: The trivia quiz.

    Ross stands in front of a board with multiple color cards as Joey, Chandler, Ross, and Rachel sit on the couch near him

    Honestly, this trivia quiz was the best thing Ross ever did on this show. His enthusiasm and attention to detail were amazing. And, it shows that he knows the Friends better than they know each other.

    18. And finally, worst: Running around town to hide the fact that he'd slept with Chloe.

    Ross holds his apartment door open for Rachel as Chloe hides behind it

    Are you ready for a hot take? I've always agreed with Ross that they were on a break, and that he didn't cheat on Rachel by sleeping with Chloe. But, I also understand Rachel being upset. That said, once Ross had realized that Rachel didn't want to break up, he should've been honest with her. Instead, he ran all over Manhattan trying to make sure she didn't find out. If he'd told Rachel the truth about how he'd made a huge mistake, maybe she'd have forgiven him sooner.

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