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    20 Of The Best Movie And TV Spoilers Of All Time

    It should go without saying, but SPOILER ALERT!

    1. The Sixth Sense

    Hollywood Pictures / Via

    In this film, Bruce Willis plays a child psychologist who works with a young boy, played by Haley Joel Osment. Osment's character claims to be able to see and talk to dead people who don't know that they're dead. At the end of the film, we learn that BRUCE WILLIS WAS DEAD THE WHOLE TIME!

    2. Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

    Warner Brothers / Via

    After six books and movies that have us wondering if Snape is a good guy or a bad guy, SNAPE KILLS DUMBLEDORE! It looks like we have our answer... or do we?

    3. Breaking Bad, season 4

    AMC / Via

    After being under Gus Fring' evil thumb for a couple of seasons, Walt gets his freedom and revenge (with the help of Tio Salamanca) by BLOWING OFF HALF OF HIS FACE.

    4. The Empire Strikes Back

    Lucasfilm Ltd. / Via

    After the evil Darth Vader cuts off Luke Skywalker's hand, he reveals something even more damaging: Luke thought that Vader had killed his father, but actually, DARTH VADER IS LUKE'S FATHER!

    5. The Crying Game

    Palace Pictures / Via

    An IRA soldier promises to look after Dil, the girlfriend of a former prisoner. After falling in love with Dil, he discovers that SHE IS ACTUALLY A TRANS WOMAN!

    6. Lost, Season 6

    ABC / Via


    7. The Usual Suspects

    Gramercy Films / Via

    Verbal Kint, a disabled con man, tells a police interrogator the story of a drug deal-turned massacre that had been orchestrated by mysterious criminal mastermind Keyser Söze. After Kint posts bail and leaves the police station, it's revealed that VERBAL KINT IS ACTUALLY KEYSER SÖZE!

    8. Citizen Kane

    RKO Radio Pictures / Via

    Charles Foster Kane, a wealthy newspaper mogul-turned-recluse, dies after uttering his myterious final word, "Rosebud." The movie flashes back to the story of Kane's life, from his happy but poor childhood, through his rise to power and decline. At the end of the movie, the viewer discovers that ROSEBUD WAS KANE'S CHILDHOOD SLED, a relic from the only truly happy time in his life.

    9. Friday the 13th

    Paramount Pictures / Via

    Through the whole movie, we think that the hockey mask-clad slasher/killer is Jason Voorhees. But at the end, we learn that THE KILLER WAS ACTUALLY JASON'S MOM, MRS. VOORHEES!

    10. Donnie Darko

    Flower Films / Via

    Troubled teenager Donnie hallucinates a sinister rabbit and falls in love with a new student, all while having disturbing Doomsday-related visions. It turns out that everything that happens in the film is just DONNIE'S LAST VISION BEFORE HE'S CRUSHED TO DEATH FROM AN ENGINE THAT FELL OFF OF AN AIRPLANE!

    11. Game of Thrones, season 1

    HBO / Via

    Ned Stark was a good father, trustworthy leader, and honorable man who stumbled upon a conspiracy about the heir to the throne. Although he was the lead character of season 1, it didn't matter - HE WAS BEHEADED IN FRONT OF HIS DAUGHTERS BY EVIL KING JOFFREY!

    12. Game of Thrones, season 3

    HBO / Via

    As if beheading Ned Stark wasn't bad enough, in season 3 of GoT, Stark matriarch Cately and her oldest son Robb were attending what they thought was just a family wedding. But Walder Frey could hold a grudge and teamed up with the evil Lannister family to have CATELYN, ROBB, AND ROBB'S PREGNANT WIFE TALISA BRUTALLY SLAUGHTERED!

    13. Buffy the Vampire Slayer, season 5

    UPN / Via

    Earlier in the season, we learn that Buffy's mysterious little sister Dawn was actually a magical key whose blood could open multiple demon portals, bringing an end to the world. When poor Dawn was bled, Buffy realized that, since they shared the same blood, her own blood could stop the apocalypse. So, to save her sister and the world, BUFFY JUMPS OFF OF A GIANT TOWER AND DIES!

    14. Fight Club

    20th Century Fox / Via

    The disturbed Narrator meets bad influence Tyler Durden, who ropes him into a fight club that becomes anarchist organization "Project Mayhem." As things get more and more dangerous, the Narrator tries to stop Tyler. Things come to a head when it's revealed that TYLER DURDEN DOESN'T EXIST - HE'S JUST PART OF THE NARRATOR'S SPLIT PERSONALITY!

    15. The Walking Dead, season 2

    AMC / Via

    The first half of TWD's second season may as well have been named The Walking Dead: The Search for Sophia, as pretty much all that happened the whole time was that the gang searched for Carol's missing daughter. They ended up on a fairly safe, welcoming farm, but then they discovered that ZOMBIE SOPHIA HAD BEEN LOCKED UP IN THE BARN THE WHOLE TIME

    16. Mad Men, season 5

    AMC / Via

    Lane Pryce had some financial hardships at home and decided to resolve them by unwisely embezzling from his advertising agency. When he's discovered by Don Draper, he's forced to resign, and then finds out his wife just paid cash for a new Jaguar. After a botched suicide attempt in the new car, LANE HANGS HIMSELF IN HIS OFFICE!

    17. Downton Abbey, season 3

    PBS / Via

    Lady Sybil's labor and delivery had been complicated, but she and her new baby daughter seemed to have gotten through it okay. But later that night, her eclampsia gets the best of her and SHE DIES IN BED IN FRONT OF HER FAMILY!

    18. Lost, season 1

    ABC / Via

    Michael spent most of season 1 building a raft to get off of the island, and near the end of the season, he sailed along with Sawyer, Jin, and his young son Walt. Things start to look up when a boat comes along to apparently rescue them, but instead, THEY BLOW UP THE RAFT AND KIDNAP WALT!

    19. Planet of the Apes

    20th Century Fox / Via

    In the distant future, an astronaut crash-lands on a planet run by intelligent apes. After being imprisoned and escaping, he discovers that THE PLANET WAS EARTH ALL ALONG!

    20. Dallas season 4

    People Magazine / Via

    "Who Shot J.R.?" was one of the biggest pop culture phenomena of the early 80's as the entire country chomped at the bit to find out which character shot ruthless oil mogul J.R. Ewing in the previous season finale. Over 90 million Americans tuned in to learn that KRISTIN EWING, J.R.'S SISTER-IN-LAW AND PREGNANT EX-MISTRESS, SHOT J.R.!