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      I’m from Oklahoma and I’m ashamed there are actually pea-brained morons who elected this hateful woman. I have no doubt she thinks she’s a good “Christian” lady, although there are theologians who might even think she’s not human. Evil indeed walks among us—it’s name is Sally Kern and she’s a dissembling, smiling, shit-faced loon. I apologize to all decent people in American that my former state has such monsters in it and that the electorate is so feebleminded as to elect her to her office. To those voters, I say only this: You cannot, SHALL NOT, be forgiven for taking leave of your senses. You are responsible for this vile creature and for giving her a platform to spew her venomous bile. She and her kind are the real threats to American freedom and no amount of wrapping yourself in the flag and clutching crosses to your chests will save you. You are beyond all decency and devoid of hope.

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