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    15 Food Hacks To *Fall* In Love With This Holiday Season

    From Halloween trick-or-treating to four days prepping for that perfect Thanksgiving spread, the Holiday season is both wonderful and daunting. Here's a list of 15 things to have a little more of the first, a lot less of the second, and many tasty memories following.

    1. Add Food Coloring to Rice Krispie Treats to Make Easy Pumpkin Snacks

    2. Pumpkin Spice EVERYTHING with this spice mix

    3. Freeze Cool Whip In Cookie Cutters to Make Fun Cocoa Toppers

    4. Try Any of These Spooktacular Hors D'oeuvres at Your Next Costumed Shindig.

    5. Use a Wine Glass to Cut Perfect Biscuits

    6. Make Perfect Roasted Pumpkin Seeds Every Time With This Easy Recipe

    7. Ice Down the Turkey's Breast Before Roasting to Keep It From Drying Out

    8. Too Busy to Bake That Pie? Try Any of These Slow Cooker Deserts

    9. Save Crusts From Burning By Covering the Delicate Edges with a Loose Foil Tent; The Rest of the Pie Will Bake Through

    10. Throw the Best Fall Dinner Party with These Great Tips

    11. Fix The Stuffed Table by Serving Thanksgiving Buffet Style

    12. Never Peel Again! Boil Your Potatoes to Remove the Skin

    View this video on YouTube / Via Chowhound

    13. Start Thawing Your Turkey Ahead of Time So It's Ready to Gobble Up

    14. Bake ALL THE YUMMIES with These Brilliant Baking Hacks

    15. Bump up the Yum at Your Halloween Party with Thai Spiced Deviled Eggs