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15 Food Hacks To *Fall* In Love With This Holiday Season

From Halloween trick-or-treating to four days prepping for that perfect Thanksgiving spread, the Holiday season is both wonderful and daunting. Here's a list of 15 things to have a little more of the first, a lot less of the second, and many tasty memories following.

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3. Freeze Cool Whip In Cookie Cutters to Make Fun Cocoa Toppers

Cyd Converse, The Sweetest Occasion / Via

5. Use a Wine Glass to Cut Perfect Biscuits

southbyse / Via

7. Ice Down the Turkey's Breast Before Roasting to Keep It From Drying Out

Justin Wangler, Kendall Jackson / Via

9. Save Crusts From Burning By Covering the Delicate Edges with a Loose Foil Tent; The Rest of the Pie Will Bake Through

Cooking Channel / Via

11. Fix The Stuffed Table by Serving Thanksgiving Buffet Style

Christine Bartsch / Via

12. Never Peel Again! Boil Your Potatoes to Remove the Skin

View this video on YouTube / Via Chowhound

14. Bake ALL THE YUMMIES with These Brilliant Baking Hacks

Ron Manville / Via

15. Bump up the Yum at Your Halloween Party with Thai Spiced Deviled Eggs

Get the recipe here.
Foodista / Via

Get the recipe here.

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