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Superwoman's 'Clean Up Anthem' Will Actually Make You Want To Clean Your Room

Gonna clean my room, gonna clean my room, gonna get a broom and a vac- vac- uum

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Cleaning your room can be pretty boring and unless your Monica from Friends, it's never fun. Youtuber Superwoman decided to take things in her own hands and slay us all with the 'Clean Up Anthem.'

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What started as a normal vlog with Lilly gracing us with her improv skills

iiSuperwomanii / Via YouTube

Later turned into a sick beat produced by one of her fans, Sickick!

iiSuperwomanii / Via YouTube

Cleaning your room will never be the same.

iiSuperwomanii / Via YouTube

Basically, we can all party and clean our rooms at the same time, right Lilly?

iiSuperwomanii / Via YouTube
iiSuperwomanii / Via YouTube

I'll take that as a yes!

iiSuperwomanii / Via YouTube

brb gonna clean my room...

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