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10 Freakiest Kickstarter Projects Featured On Freakstarter

BroomStache, The Nutkraken, Crystal Bacon and many more awesome crowdfunding projects featured on!

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2. BroomStache

BroomStache is a family of well-groomed brooms and brushes designed by Los Angeles architect, Dino Tadiar. Hand-crafted by local artisans, BroomStaches are thoughtfully constructed from durable American white oak remnants to be heavy-duty, yet light on the environment.

5. Speakeasys, underwear with a private pocket

Speakeasys are an innovative combination of fashion and function. They offer a style that says, “you should see me in my underwear,” while providing a pocket that says, “it’s none of your business what’s in my underwear.”

7. PEGs - Programmable Eye Glasses

PEGS are a light weight and self contained pair of LED glasses. Unlike other light up glasses that just blink around the edges, PEGS feature display patterns that utilize the whole face and scrolling text as tall as the frames, all without interfering with your vision.

8. Crystal bacon

Crystal Bacon is my sculptural tribute to the most delicious of all meats, bacon. With the help of my wife and daughter, it grew into jewelry and Christmas ornaments. While not true crystal, it is made out of a high quality acrylic plastic that is both durable and beautiful. A true ode to bacon!

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