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10 Ways Quitting Smoking Could Make Your Life More Amazing

It's time to live big. NICORETTE® will be your partner in quitting smoking so you can focus your energy on even more amazing feats. When you quit, anything is possible!

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2. You could save a whole lot of money.

Once you quit, all that money you had been spending on your smoking habit could be put toward paying off debt, saving for something big... or simply saving some extra cash for an amazing midyear holiday.

3. You may taste things you've never tasted before.

Aubree Lennon / BuzzFeed

Are you guilty of ordering the same thing from the same restaurant every time? We all are. So set yourself a goal of trying at least one amazing new food every week. Because the good news is, once you quit smoking, you'll find your taste actually might start to improve.

4. You could learn an outrageous new skill... like playing the saxophone.

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Or the didgeridoo, or jazz flute. Because #YOLO! When you quit smoking, your breathing will improve, so something that previously seemed impossible could now be totally achievable. "Careless Whisper," here you come.

5. You could invite a small creature into your household.

2015 is the year of doing something amazing, so why not foster a dog? Your new smoke-free healthy household will be ready to accommodate small cute things, and you'll be bringing joy into someone else's life. Plus, it's all the fun of a dog without the serious commitment.

6. You can finally have the confidence to go to that doctor's checkup.


You know... the one you've been putting off for years because you're afraid of what you might find out? Well, now that you're a non-smoker, you can proudly tell your doctor that you're a non-smoker. No judgment. 2015 is the year to get healthy!

7. You could commit to visiting a new place every month.

A new city, a new town, a new bushwalking spot — you have 12 months, there are a lot of places in Australia and beyond. And now you've proven you're a badass at commitment (and you have some extra money), you can commit to seeing 12 new places this year... and not even smoke at one of them, not even once.

8. You could teach yourself an actual party trick.

Once you've taught yourself to resist a cigarette, you can teach yourself anything. Like a quirky new party trick to bust out at events. So instead of leaving the party to have a smoke, you'll be inside, impressing people with your skills.

9. You'll stop missing out on some of the best moments in life.


Some of the best things that happen, happen in the moment, when we're least expecting them. So now that you won't be spending so much time away from life — smoking, or thinking about smoking — you can resolve never to miss out on those moments again.

10. You could do the one thing you've always thought about but have been too scared to try. / Via

That one thing used to be quitting smoking. But now that you've quit, it's time to start kicking other goals. Rock climbing, parasailing, swing dancing, oyster shucking... There's got to be one thing you've always wondered about but have always put off. Resolve that 2015 is the year you actually do it. Do something amazing.

Do something amazing, and make this year the year you quit smoking! NICORETTE® will be your partner in helping you achieve your goal.