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    30 Acts Of Generosity In "Legally Blonde"

    Celebrate Legally Blonde's 20th anniversary by reading about all the ways kindness, generosity, and friendship are expressed in the movie.

    1. Surprise Card for Elle

    Elle, wearing a pink dress and a yellow flower in her hair, smiles as she reads the homemade card from her sorority sisters

    Elle Woods, played by Reese Witherspoon, receives a pleasant surprise from her sorority. The sorority believes Elle's boyfriend, Warner (played by Matthew Davis), is going to propose to her, so they secretly create a card for her, which everyone signs. The homemade card reads, "Good luck tonight. Elle and Warner forever."

    2. Pick Out the Perfect Outfit

    Elle and her two best friends, Margot and Serena, are outside at a luau. Elle and her friends are in a store. Elle is wearing a sparkly blue dress to see whether she wants to buy it for her date later that night.

    Elle's two best friends, Margot and Serena (played by Jessica Cauffiel and Alanna Ubach, respectively), help Elle pick the perfect outfit for her proposal dinner and go shopping with her.

    3. See Elle Off Before Her Date and Are Happy for Her

    Elle receives a spritz of perfume from Amy while her other friends watch and smile. As Elle leaves, all her friends who have lined up to send her off on her big date eagerly lean to one side so they can see her better

    Elle's friends see her off before her big date with Warner, hand Elle her purse, spray her mouth with breath freshener, and provide her with a spritz of perfume. On top of that, they are all genuinely happy for her.

    4. Respecting Elle's Feelings and Giving Her Some Privacy

    Amy is right outside Elle's dorm. Another friend has her hand on Amy's upper arm to gently guide her away from Elle's door

    When Amy knocks on Elle's door and says, "Elle, it's Amy. I'm having trouble with this whole lip liner thing," another friend went up to Amy, saying, "Sweetie, didn't you hear?" Puzzled, Amy asks, "Hear what?" The friend responds, "Oh, it's terrible. He dumped her." She whisks Amy away from Elle's door to give her some privacy.  

    5. Check on Elle and Try to Cheer Her Up

    Elle is lying down in her bed drinking the smoothie Margot gave her. On one side of her is Margot and the other side is Serena. They are also drinking smoothies.

    Elle's two best friends, Margot and Serena, bring her a smoothie and check up on her while a despondent Elle watches a soap opera and eats chocolate.

    Margot says, "Honey, you have to leave this room. It's been, like, a week." When Elle asks, "So?" Margot replies, "Drink this," and hands her a smoothie.

    As the three of them sip on their smoothies, Serena asks, "What's the one thing that always makes us feel better no matter what?" They then go to get manicures and pedicures.

    6. Ride or Die

    Margot and Serena gaze open-mouthed at Elle when they hear about Elle wanting to go to Harvard. Margot and Serena turn to each other and scream excitedly, "Road trip"

    Elle smiles as she looks up from her LSAT books and informs Margot and Serena, "Girls, I'm going to Harvard!" When Serena asks, "You mean like on vay-cay?" Without hesitation, Margot says, "Let's all go!" They both look at each other and excitedly yell, "Road trip!"

    7. Support Elle's Decision to Go to Law School

    Margot, wearing one thin white headband and another thin blue headband, takes off a sparkly silver scrunchie from her wrist to give to Elle

    After finding out that Elle does not intend to go on a vay-cay or road trip to Harvard, but rather that she intends to go to Harvard Law School, her friends are immediately supportive. Margot says, "Here, you're gonna need this," and takes her silver scrunchie off her wrist to hand to Elle. Elle asks, "Your scrunchie?" Margot explains, "My lucky scrunchie."  

    8. Help Elle Study for the LSAT

    Serena exercises with her other sorority sisters while holding a timer up to start timing Elle's practice LSAT. Elle sits at a table close by waiting for Serena's cue to start taking the practice test

    Elle's friends help her study for the LSAT. Amy keeps Elle focused at the library even when her attention wanders. When Elle takes a practice LSAT, Serena keeps time as she exercises with the other sorority sisters.

    9. Await and Celebrate Elle's LSAT Score

    Amy had just gotten the mail and holds letters in her hands. Elle is tearing open the LSAT letter to check her score. They are standing near the end of a stairway

    When Elle's LSAT score arrives in the mail, Amy immediately rushes to Elle, letter in hand, and announces that it arrived. A string of sorority sisters follow her as they eagerly wait for Elle to open up the letter and find out her LSAT score.   

    Elle's sorority sisters have hoisted Elle up on their shoulders. Confetti and silly string are in the air

    When Elle excitedly announces, "179!" Everyone is happy for her, screaming excitedly along with her, jumping up and down, giving her hugs, and then hoisting her up on their shoulders as they celebrate this achievement.

    10. Consoles Elle and Provides Class Tips

    Emmett asks Elle if she is okay. They are on two different benches that are placed at right angles to each other.

    Elle is distraught after being kicked out of Professor Elspeth Stromwell's class (Stromwell is played by Holland Taylor). She sits down on a bench outside and is audibly frustrated. Emmett Richmond, who is played by Luke Wilson, sits on another bench nearby. "Excuse me," he says. "Are you OK?" "Yeah," she whispers," before asking, "Do they put you on the spot like that all the time?" 

    Emmett responds, "The professors? They tend to do that Socratic method." Elle asks, "If you don't know the answers, they just kick you out?" "You have Stromwell, huh?" Emmett answers. Elle turns to him, saying, "Yes! Did she do that to you, too?" "No," Emmett admits, "but she did make me cry once. Not in class. I waited till I got back to my room..."

    Emmett tries to console Elle who looks downcast.

    Emmett tries to cheer her up. "Don't worry, it gets better. Who else do you have?" When he hears the other names of Elle's professors, he states, "Let's see; speak up in Callahan's class. He really likes people that are opinionated. And in Royalton's class...try to get a seat in the back. He tends to spit when he talks about products liability. And for Levinthal, make sure you read the footnotes 'cause that's where he gets a lot of his exam questions from." "Right," Elle nods her head and smiles. "Wow. I'm really glad I met you."

    11. Listens and Reciprocates

    Paulette holds a magazine in her right hand and a half eaten donut in her left hand when she asks if Elle has been having a bad day.

    Paulette Bonafonté, who is played by Jennifer Coolidge, immediately allows Elle, who is clearly upset, confide in her as she does her nails. Elle shares that she underwent so much to get into law school to get her boyfriend back only to find that he has a girlfriend.

    Teary eyed Elle listens to Paulette's story.

    Despite Elle's horrible day, she also listens to Paulette after she asks her, "What am I supposed to do?" Paulette replies, "You're asking the wrong girl. I mean, I'm with my guy eight years...and then one day, it's, 'I met someone else. Move out.'" "Oh, no. That's awful," Elle says sympathetically. Paulette continues, "Dewey kept the trailer and my precious baby Rufus." She shows Elle a picture of her dog. "I didn't even get to throw him a birthday party." "No," Elle is aghast. 

    12. Brings Sustenance

    Elle is in the library standing at a desk where five other people including Warner and Vivian are studying.

    Elle approaches Warner, Vivian (who is played by Selma Blair), and others studying in the library while carrying a basket of muffins to share with them. "Hi, everybody." Warner is surprised. "Elle, what are you doing here?" 

    Elle holds up a muffin in her left hand.

    Elle responds, "I've come to join your study group. Look, I brought sustenance." She picks up a muffin to distribute, asking, "Who's first?" 

    13. Inclusion After Exclusion

    Vivian, wearing a purple sweatshirt and pearls, looks up at Elle.

    Vivian refuses Elle's sustenance offer, saying, "Our group is full." Elle asks, "Is this like an RSVP thing?" 

    Vivian's friend is sitting next to Warner and looking up at Elle while she talks to her

    Vivian's friend answers, "No. It's like a smart people thing. And as Viv said, we're full." Warner urges them to change their minds. "Come on, guys, we can make room for one more."  

    14. Elle Puts Her Feelings Aside

    Elle is lying down on her bed wearing a blue bathrobe. She is holding a pink furry phone in her left hand and her dog Bruiser in her right hand

    Elle calls her two best friends back in LA. Although she is upset, she tries to stay positive and happy, especially when she finds out Margot is getting married and wants Elle to be one of her bridesmaids.

    15. Helps Elle Retrieve a Book

    David Kidney easily reaches the top shelf of a library bookshelf to help Elle, who is wearing a purple sweatshirt and blue knit hat

    David Kidney, who is played by Oz Perkins, helps Elle retrieve a law school book in the library as she struggles to reach it. "Thanks," she says when he hands it to her.

    16. Spend Time Together by Retrieving Rufus and Celebrating Christmas

    Elle, wearing two braids and a hat with a bow on it, addresses Paulette's ex.

    Elle and Paulette drive to Paulette's ex-boyfriend's trailer to get Paulette's dog, Rufus, back. Elle not only shows off her newfound law school knowledge and encourages Paulette to speak up and be assertive, but also successfully helps reunite Paulette with Rufus.

    Elle and Paulette are inside the hair salon watching the snow fall outside. There are Christmas lights in the background.

    Elle and Paulette's friendship is further apparent when they watch the snow fall and celebrate Christmas together.    

    17. Compliments Vivian

    Elle and Vivian stare at each other in the hallway

    Elle and Vivian arrive in the hallway at the same time when they are on their way to intern for Professor Callahan (who is played by Victor Garber). Warner, who arrives with Vivian, clears his throat and walks in the space between them. There is an awkward silence as they stare at each other. Elle looks down and then decides to be the bigger person, saying, "You look very nice today, Vivian." "Thank you," Vivian replies.  

    18. Elle Befriends Brooke

    Elle with straightened hair talks to Brooke in an orange prison jumpsuit

    Elle befriends her client Brooke, who is played by Ali Larter. Elle tells her she is a "Delta Nu, and I'm a huge fan of yours." Brooke is also complimentary and remembers Elle took her class in LA, declaring, "You had the best high kick I've ever seen."

    Elle talks to Brooke in prison. Next to Elle is a gift basket

    Elle also believes Brooke is innocent and visits her in prison, gift basket in hand. Elle informs Brooke, "I brought you some necessities. Some Calvin Klein 720-count sheets, the entire Clinique skin care line...some aromatherapy candles, a loofah...Oh! And the Bible." She holds up a Cosmopolitan magazine. "You're an angel," Brooke says appreciatively.   

    19. Teaches the Bend-and-Snap

    Elle teaches everyone in the hair salon how to bend and snap. Almost everyone is bending low to the ground touching their toes

    Elle sees that Paulette likes the UPS guy, who clearly likes her in return, so she tries to aid Paulette by teaching her the bend-and-snap. With her enthusiastic teaching approach and sunny demeanor, Elle ends up teaching everyone at the hair and nail salon.

    20. Keeps Promises

    Elle, who is wearing her straightened hair pulled back in a low ponytail, holds a pen and explains that she promised Brooke to keep her alibi a secret

    Elle promises Brooke that her alibi will not be disclosed. Even when pressured by her law school professor, Elle stands firm but emphasizes that Brooke is innocent. When Warner tells Elle to provide Brooke's alibi and only look out for herself, Elle maintains, "I gave her my word, Warner."

    21. Helps David Kidney Get a Date

    Elle pretends to be furious that David Kidney didn't call her

    As Elle walks back to her law school dorm and passes David, she overhears him being rejected by a woman he's asking out. Elle turns around and slaps him, pretending that they were together and that she is upset he never called her back. Stunned and confused, he goes along with this unexpected turn of events, and when Elle walks away, the previously uninterested woman has changed her mind.

    22. Vivian and Elle Chat and Start Becoming Friends

    Vivian, wearing a blue sweatshirt and pearls, compliments Elle's dog

    Although Vivian has had a pattern of treating Elle horribly, Elle is not only pleasant but genuinely friendly towards her when Vivian drops by Elle's dorm. They start to chat and plant the seeds of friendship. When Vivian observes that Bruiser "is such a precious dog" and asks to hold Bruiser, Elle agrees. After Bruiser starts licking Vivian, Elle tells Vivian that Bruiser likes her.

    23. Asks Vivian If She Needs Help

    Vivian carries a large stack of files as she talks to Elle whose back is to the camera

    As Elle is on her way to meet with Professor Callahan, she notices Vivian struggling with what she is carrying. Elle asks her if she needs help. Vivian is appreciative but tells Elle to go ahead and meet with Professor Callahan. 

    24. Vote of Confidence

    Professor Stromwell gives Elle a knowing look after she gets out of her chair at the hair salon

    Professor Stromwell overhears Elle saying goodbye to Paulette and dropping out of Harvard Law School because of Professor Callahan. When she tells Elle that if she is going to let one guy "ruin her life, she's not the girl she thought she was." With that vote of confidence in Elle's abilities, especially coming from a professor who demands excellence, Professor Stromwell walks away, smiling at Elle.

    25. Stands Up for Elle

    Emmett in a suit and tie says, "Well, maybe there's something we can do about it"

    When Vivian implies that Elle and Professor Callahan "looked pretty cozy," Emmett tells Vivian she doesn't know what she's talking about. When Brooke asks for further clarification, Emmett explains, "Elle quit. Callahan hit on her, so she quit [Brooke's case]." Vivian realizes she was wrong in thinking Elle was receiving favors for being in a relationship with Callahan. She says, "I feel terrible. I made a huge mistake" about what she said to Elle the previous night. Emmett then says, "Well, maybe there's something we can do about it." 

    Later, during the trial, the judge tells Elle "that you need a licensed attorney to supervise you. Mr. Callahan?" When Professor Callahan says, "That I won't agree to," Emmett intervenes. "I'll supervise, Your Honor."

    26. Brings Proof Elle Can Argue in Court

    Elle is wearing a pink dress and carrying a pink purse on the left. David Kidney is on her right holding a book open to show Professor Callahan the court ruling. Brooke is standing up and to the right wearing a black dress, her back to the camera

    David Kidney's physical presence and moral support of Elle is evident when he shows up to Elle's trial and brings proof that a law student can argue a case. He holds a book open to show Professor Callahan "Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court ruling 3.03."

    27. Attend Elle's Trial

    Paulette and the UPS guy have just entered the courtroom. Paulette wears a purple dress, leopard jacket, and flower in her hair. The UPS guy who is on Paulette's right has tape on his nose

    Paulette brings along the UPS guy with her to watch Elle's trial in a show of support for Elle now representing Brooke as her lawyer. 


    Margot wearing red pants, a red trench coat, a purple top, and red purse enters the courtroom. Serena who enters the courtroom with Margot is to her right and is wearing a black jacket and purple cap.

    Margot and Serena also come all the way from LA to watch Elle's trial. Although they do not understand the gravitas or the proceedings of the trial, they are clearly supportive. When Serena and Margot walk into court, Serena declares, "Oh, my God! There she is! Elle!" Margot adds, "Elle, we came to see your trial!" Serena states, "Oh, look how cute. There's a, like, judge and everything. And jury people." Margot enthusiastically claps her hands and says, "Vote for Elle!" 

    28. Compliments Chutney

    Elle wearing a pink dress and loose curls, compliments Chutney

    Elle compliments Brooke's stepdaughter Chutney Windham (who is played by Linda Cardellini) as she cross-examines Chutney. While Chutney asserts that Brooke is guilty and Elle not only believes that Brooke is innocent, but also that Chutney is lying, she is warm and complimentary, saying that Chutney looks good with curls because of her bone structure.

    29. Flattering Introduction Followed by a Hug

    Elle wearing loose curls, a black cap, and gown, hugs Professor Stromwell.

    Professor Stromwell delivers a flattering introduction about Harvard Law School's class speaker, Elle. After introducing Elle, the two embrace, clearly having developed a warm relationship after their initially rocky start.

    30. Celebrate Elle Graduating From Law School and Name Their First Born After Elle

    Paulette and the UPS guy are standing up along with everyone else to celebrate the Harvard Law School graduation. Paulette has her arm around his shoulder. The UPS guy has his hand on Paulette's pregnant stomach

    Paulette and the UPS guy celebrate Elle's milestone achievement of graduating from Harvard Law School and being chosen as the class speaker by attending her graduation ceremony. Their affection for Elle extends so deeply that they decide to name their daughter Elle.