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These Mothers Have Some Serious Style Game

Forget mom jeans.

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We asked some stylish mothers (and grandmothers) to share their thoughts on fashion.

Kanya (Mother-to-be)

Nicolette Daskalakis

"I'm so much more daring now with my outfit[s] because I stopped caring about what people think and I just really focused on my happiness and myself [...] Why can't I wear a sparkly party dress when I'm pregnant?"

One word to describe your style: Fearless

Barbara (Mother of four, Grandmother-to-be)

Nicolette Daskalakis

"I never go to a store that's not a thrift store [...] so I consider that everything I wear has had its own life prior to meeting me [...] It's kind of like introducing a bunch of people, like having a party everyday. Like, you gonna get along with this guy? Ok, yeah. Try it. It doesn't look like it would but just try it."

One word to describe your style: Rebel

Annee (Mother of three)

Nicolette Daskalakis

"Because I'm a mom and I'm cleaning food off the floor and I'm running around and driving a mini van I still love the fact that I get to express who I am and be who I am with this artistic expression of clothes."

One word to describe your style: Diva


Marisa (Mother of four)

Nicolette Daskalakis

"I don't think rules should apply to fashion [...] I don't care if I wear a black bra with a white tank top. I really don't. And if someone else cares it's not my problem it's theirs."

One word to describe your style: Anti-Establishment

Lauren (Mother of one)

Nicolette Daskalakis

"[My style] is pretty punk rock [...] I didn't really change much when I became a mom. I just decided to keep it the same. So it's a lot of holes and tears and cut off shirts."

One word to describe your style: Rock-and-Roll

Barbara (Mother of two, Grandmother of three)

Nicolette Daskalakis

"As young as I look I'm not that young. My cohorts don't dress like me [...] I've had people say, Are you sure that's something you want to wear? And I say, of course I do, because I know my own mind."

One word to describe your style: Bold

Megan (Mother of two)

Nicolette Daskalakis

"I wanted to be a good mother and that's where your head is at, so I think it's sometimes easy to forget that you're a woman first, that you are a girl first, and it's okay to be pretty. It's okay to get up and maybe put on makeup instead of making breakfast for everybody right away, because if you take those five minutes and do things like that for yourself, you're such a different person."

One word to describe your style: Hippie


Vanessa (Mother of one)

Nicolette Daskalakis

"One major misconception about motherhood is that you become frumpy [...] because you're always really the last one to you're gonna take care of. But anything that's a mom jean is out. Anything that doesn't make me feel really good or really comfortable or effing fantastic? Out."

One word to describe your style: Orglamic

Jenny (Mother of one, grandmother of two)

Nicolette Daskalakis

"I remember the style I had thirty-six years and ago and now and it's still pretty much the same because I like the same classy style."

One word to describe your style: Classy