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Replacement Bra Straps

Will Jewel Straps, the new jewelry bra straps, be the cause of additional over sexualization of teenage girls? Teenagers and high school girls are going to want to wear these jewel straps. I get that it solves a problem in that before we had to hide their bra straps and they don't have to now that we have Jewel Straps. And they look nicer. But asking teenagers to add a piece of jewelry that shows off their neck and cleavage area, two sexual areas, it is a little too much. It too attention grabbing. It's going to be distracting in school. I don't know how I feel about my daughter getting a compliment on her bra straps from boys at school either. And worse, more men are going to be tempted to look at the adornment of those sexual areas created by these jewelry bra straps and as a result will be looking at our daughters in a more sexual manner earlier and earlier. I don't think we as a society are ready for these Jewel Straps. Or maybe it should only be for young women who are older where it is more appropriate. I just don’t think we need to give perverts anymore of a reason to be a perverts. Let’s not feed them…especially when we know that they’re out there.

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Here are a few tips to keep those straps from showing.

If your blouse/dress has a neckline that is looser, you can safety pin your straps to your top so they don’t slide around. I’ve done this before and it works great!

Wear a bra that actually fits you. This will really help the slipping around.

Finally, remember the example we are setting to those nearest and dearest to us-our daughters. I’m amazed over the things my young daughter picks up on and brings to my attention when it comes to modesty. I want to model modesty for her, so when she is older she will have images in her head to fall back on when it gets tempting to stray.

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