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    • NicoleSmith24

      Asaformer reporter who grew tired of the lifestyle,Isee somewhat both sides of the issue, and it is difficult to say for certain whatIthink about this.Ifind it interesting the Newtown Bee posted that status, especially because not only were they at the scene along with the other media, but they, too, were talking to those affected.Ibelieve their videos and images, which showed children, were widely circulated (this one:’t know what the Bee plans to do to in regards to coverage in the future.  At this point, the media does need to back off and let those affected attempt to come to terms with it. It is the respectful thing to do. Once again, however, the same people who now make disparaging remarks about the media are the same people who refreshed web pages for breaking news alerts on Friday and who tuned in to 60/60 and other programs for press conferences and interviews. If the media didn’t acknowledge this tragedy past Friday, they are damned; if they latch on to it and produce frequent stories, they’re damned. What are the media supposed to do? Where is the safe balance? The only wordIcan think to describe all of this is tragic, and even that doesn’t properly summarize it.

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