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    Top 10 Reasons You Should NOT Buy A Canada Goose Jacket

    This post is likely to ruffle some feathers..... See what I did there?!

    10. They're UGLY!


    Seriously, these coats make you look like the result of Kenny from South Park fucking the Michelin Man.

    9. They lack originality, personality and style.


    Literally EVERYONE has these ugly damn coats, and they all look the same. And it's not at all flattering.

    8. They cost a bloody fortune.

    There is absolutely no reason that you need to spend $800+ dollars on a jacket. Think of all the other things that money could buy you. 4+ months of car insurance; groceries for a family for a month; 20 dinners out for two; nearly 3 Apple Watches; a shit ton of pizza, beer and Netflix; six Grande drinks from Starbuck; the list goes on.

    7. They are NOT the best way to keep warm.


    The science of thermal insulation proves that dressing in multiple thin layers will keep you much warmer (and more comfortable) than one giant parka. Why do you think skiers where long underwear, sweaters, hoodies and wind breakers? And let's be real, you don't need to be THAT bundled to walk from your house to your heated car, and from your heated car, back indoors. Maybe you're thinking to yourself "But I'm just in a broke college kid! I don't have a car!" See #8.

    6. They are cruelly stuffed with goose down.


    Did you know that geese often have their feather torturously plucked out while they are still alive in order to make the down stuffing for jackets, duvets and more? Geese need their feathers. You don't. Not to mention that it is no warmer than polyester filling. The only benefit is that it sounds fancier so manufacturers can charge you more for it.

    5. People who buy these coats are responsible for killing dogs.


    As if the goose down wasn't enough, the trim around these hideous jackets is made of coyote fur. While most people are able to mentally separate the animals they eat, from the animals they love as pets, it's important to know that coyotes share 98% of the DNA with our domesticated dogs. Genetically speaking they are nearly identical, and they both share the same intelligence, friendliness, playfulness, emotions, and cuteness as the dog that sleeps in your bed with you.

    How would you feed about a coat lined with Golden Retriever pelts?

    No one is saying that you need to go vegan, but avoiding fur is an easy and logical thing to do to reduce your ecological footprint and live more ethically.

    This picture is the by-product of Canada Goose manufacturing.

    4. The fur serves no purpose.


    Even if it was true that fur is the warmest material available (it's not), the fur trim on these jackets serves no function whatsoever. Having fluff around the hood will not help keep you warm in any way. The only reason it is there at all is to attempt to justify the enormous price tag.

    3. They are the Hummer of the fashion world.

    Do you remember in the 90's when it was cool to have a Hummer? And then the 2000's rolled around, people became aware of climate change, and anyone who owned an obnoxious gas-guzzler was looked at as a giant douche. Be prepared for that to happen with these jackets too.

    "Canada Goose is much {...} like a Hummer: excessive, irresponsible, unnecessary, and sooner than many will expect, embarrassing."

    2. Supporting Canada Goose means supporting one of the world's most barbaric industries.


    So you likely already knew that these jackets use real coyote fur, but do you know how it's obtained? That lovely metal claw-like object stuck on that poor Doberman's head is what's known as a Leg Hold Trap. Exactly as it looks, it snaps onto an unsuspecting animal leaving it stuck and in excruciating pain. Despite being illegal in many countries, they are still very much legal in Canada, where the fur for Canada Goose coats is sourced. These traps are set in woodsy areas in hopes of catching a coyote by the leg. As you can see, the leg is not always what's caught and it is far too common for other animals, including endangered species and pets to become caught in them. Many dogs die from the injuries inflicted by these traps.

    When a wild animal such as a coyote is caught, it often tries to chew off it's own leg in attempt to escape. Being that these traps are only checked every so often, if the animal doesn't die from a panic-inflicted injury, it usually dehydrates or starves to death by the time the trapper returns. If it is still alive, the trapper will club it in the head repeatedly to kill it.

    1. By wearing a Canada Goose coat, you are a trophy hunter.


    Remember the outrage few months ago when everyone's favour Minnesota dentist, Walter Palmer, was outed for stalking and murdering beloved Zimbabwean icon Cecil the lion? Surely, you couldn't have already forgotten? Remember the outpouring of anger, hate and death threats towards a man who so brutally took the life of a beautiful innocent animal simply for a wall decor? This is no different. Animals don't need to be brutally murdered so you can have the coolest new jacket. Don't be Walter Palmer. Shop cruelty free this season.