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    Top 10 Reasons You Should NOT Buy A Canada Goose Jacket

    This post is likely to ruffle some feathers..... See what I did there?!

    10. They're UGLY!

    9. They lack originality, personality and style.

    8. They cost a bloody fortune.

    There is absolutely no reason that you need to spend $800+ dollars on a jacket. Think of all the other things that money could buy you. 4+ months of car insurance; groceries for a family for a month; 20 dinners out for two; nearly 3 Apple Watches; a shit ton of pizza, beer and Netflix; six Grande drinks from Starbuck; the list goes on.

    7. They are NOT the best way to keep warm.

    6. They are cruelly stuffed with goose down.

    5. People who buy these coats are responsible for killing dogs.

    4. The fur serves no purpose.

    3. They are the Hummer of the fashion world.

    Do you remember in the 90's when it was cool to have a Hummer? And then the 2000's rolled around, people became aware of climate change, and anyone who owned an obnoxious gas-guzzler was looked at as a giant douche. Be prepared for that to happen with these jackets too.

    "Canada Goose is much {...} like a Hummer: excessive, irresponsible, unnecessary, and sooner than many will expect, embarrassing."

    2. Supporting Canada Goose means supporting one of the world's most barbaric industries.

    1. By wearing a Canada Goose coat, you are a trophy hunter.