23 TV Shows You Can’t Move On From

They may be over, but these shows are forever in our hearts. Re-runs, anyone?

3. Home Improvement

Touchstone Television / Via peteneems.tumblr.com

4. Full House

ABC / Via media.giphy.com

5. Bewitched

6. Everybody Loves Raymond


7. I Dream Of Jeannie

8. One Tree Hill

The WB / Via media.giphy.com

10. Boy Meets World

Disney / ABC / Via giphy.com

11. Degrassi: Junior High

CBC Television / Via degrassi.wikia.com

12. The Brady Bunch

ABC / Via tvland.com

14. The Partridge Family

15. The Vicar Of Dibley

16. Faulty Towers

BBC / Via dailymail.co.uk

18. That ’70s Show

19. Scrubs

ABC / Via i.imgur.com

21. The Cosby Show

23. And M*A*S*H

CBS / Via nd05.jxs.cz

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