23 Signs You Are A Pro At Being Broke

Because let’s face it, money doesn’t grow on trees.

1. Finding spare change at the bottom of your bag or coat pocket is like Christmas.

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2. The McDonald’s dollar/value menu is your idea of eating out.

3. Free samples of food represent at least 25% of your meals.

4. You never look at you bank account/statement unless absolutely necessary.

5. You know how to economize so well that you must have been an inventor in a previous life.

6. You know how to use the last drop of anything from shampoo to juice bottle and if that doesn’t work just add water.

Those upside down bottles were made for us.

7. You know where to get the best freebies.

8. You refer to yourself as frugal, not cheap.

9. Pay day is like winning a gold medal at the Olympics.

10. You look forward to your birthday as it means you can suggest to people things you want/need and relatives always like to give money.

11. eBay is your greatest friend for both buying and selling.

12. You know the cheapest way to get drunk.

13. Clubs with an entry fee are a no-go.

14. You know the cheapest time to go to the movies and you tell your friends that these are the only times you are available.

15. You have a list of people who you have lent money to and you’re not afraid to ask them for your $1.00 back.

Disney / Via gifstumblr.com

16. You love coupons – I mean you can save so much money, so who wouldn’t love them?

17. Halloween means that you’re sorted for food for the next month – being healthy is not important when you are broke.

18. And you don’t share… ain’t nobody got money for that.

NBC / Via i.huffpost.com

19. You know how to count pennies.

20. You never miss a family gathering, as it means a free meal.

21. There is nothing truer than this.

23. You believe that whoever came up with the phrase “money can’t buy you happiness” was an idiot.

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