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17 Things Aussies In London Know To Be True

God Save The Queen

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1. You know there is nothing more horrifying than withdrawing your Aussie Dollars and watching them halve.

2. Marmite is hardly a substitute for true blue Vegemite.

And this recent news gave you a minor panic attack.

3. You rarely visit home because let's face it's bloody far and you're pretty much broke anyway.

4. British weather is not at all like back home ...

5. But you get ridiculously excited about the prospect of snow.

6. You're almost always broke because you spend all your money on trips to Europe or at the pub.

7. And we definitely know how to give the Brits a run for their money.

8. Because we Aussies really know how to party.

9. Before moving here, you didn't consider yourself a coffee snob, but now you realise ...

You really miss Australian coffee.

10. You either live in West London or Clapham.

Nicole Stinson / Via

11. And live in a share house with 4 or 5 Aussies and Kiwis. Because you really wanted the London experience, right?

12. The Heathrow Injection is by no means a myth ...

13. When you first arrived in London you spent hours and hours on the Aussies in London Facebook page trying to find a job or flat share.

The struggle was real ....

Nicole Stinson / Via Facebook: AussieInLondon

And the fear of homelessness became a reality...

14. You have a love/hate relationship with London's transport but you have no idea how you would cope without if you ever moved back home.

15. Finding Milo, Twisties and Tim Tams stocked in a local store is like ...

16. You also have been fully indoctrinated into the football craze and even now have a team. You've also stopped calling it soccer...

17. You really do call London your home away from home.

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