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How To Buy Affordable Artwork Like A BOSS

Achieve art star status on a starving artist's budget.

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1. 20 x 200

Dorothea Lange; I Am an American / Via

20 x 200 website offers artwork ranging from $24 - $5000. Discover emerging artists for a good price or purchase an established artist's piece to begin your baller collection. Photos, and prints all wallet-friendly. They also offer framed versions!

Image above: Dorothea Lange; I Am an American, Oakland, CA, March 1942 16” x 20” $240

2. Society 6

Amy Hamilton / Via

Society 6 is an amazing resource for home décor, but they also have a great art wall section with incredibly affordable and fun prints to be had. Price range: $15 - $100

Image above: Amy Hamilton; print 20" x 28" $40

3. Whisper Editions

Stefan Ruiz; Island, Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia / Via

Whisper Editions- offers limited edition collaborations on prints, photos, jewelry, ceramics and even surfboards! (yes hanging a surfboard on a wall counts as art- but you must also be able to ride it)!

image above: Stefan Ruiz; Island, Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia – starting at $89

4. Sonic Editions

Fin Costello; Mick Jagger / Via

Sonic Editions – remember your college dorm poster of Fugazi? Step up your adult game but keep to your musical roots over at Sonic Editions. They also have surf collections, Hollywood icon collections and just pure cool swagger collections of photographs. They are based in the UK and prints range from $75 - $400

image above: Fin Costello; Mick Jagger on Stage 1973 $199

5. The Library of Congress

Frank George Carpenter collection / Via

The Library of Congress! Yes, THE. LIBRARY. OF. CONGRESS. The congress holds a treasure trove of World History—the good, the bad, and the ugly. Dig in the crates and find something that resonates with you, and then download the jpegs FOR FREE! Print them in the size and quality you want.

image above: Frank George Carpenter collection; Chile - Aconcagua Valley

Another option, although it is not a quick fix, is to go to a Grad school's Open Studio Tours. If there is an art school, or an art program near you, visit their studio's and you may find the next big artist, or at least a great piece of work.

Now get to prepping the wine and cheese for your next Art Opening.

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