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    5 Reasons You Should Watch Disney Channel's Newest Show, Andi Mack

    Disney Channel returns to its roots with a family-friendly dramedy about the complexities of family relationships and growing up.

    1. It's created by Terri Minsky, who also created a little show called Lizzie McGuire.

    Disney Channel / Via

    Crazy, right? Terri Minsky created the iconic tween sitcom that inspired millions of girls (like me) to crimp their hair and wear platform sandals. Minsky was approached by Disney Channel to create a new show. "They wanted to attract an older audience," she said to TVLine, "...they seemed to think I could do it based on my Lizzie McGuire pilot."

    2. It touches on ~adult~ topics that the Disney Channel typically ignores.

    Disney Channel / Via

    The plot: On her thirteenth birthday, Andi Mack (Peyton Elizabeth Lee) finds out her older sister, Bex (Lilan Bowden), is actually her mother. First of all, DRAMA! Second of all, this means that Bex was a pregnant teen, which has made her relationship with her mother (Lauren Tom) quite strained. This is a pretty big deal for Disney. Additionally, once the big reveal happens, the rest of the show deals with how Andi and her family adjust to their new roles, a tricky and complicated story that is difficult for any TV show to tackle, let alone one on a kids' network.

    3. There's no laugh track!

    Disney Channel / Via

    Rejoice! Finding a live-action Disney Channel show in the past decade that isn't a multi-cam sitcom with cringeworthy laugh tracks and over-the-top jokes is tough task. But Andi Mack makes it easier. Without the constant laugh track to yell, "THIS IS FUNNY!" at its viewers, the single-cam format allows both the jokes and the emotional moments to land better, and the characters are more relatable and natural.

    4. The Macks are a multicultural Asian-American family!

    Disney Channel

    This article eloquently explains how important and significant this is better than I ever could so check it out!

    5. And "Jonah Beck" is just as catchy and cool as "Ethan Craft."

    Tumblr user: arts-and-andi / Via