The Stages Of Online Dating

Online dating and mating has become a way of life. If only it were simple…

1. 1. Anticipation: I’m gonna set up a profile and meet Mr. Right.

2. 2. Hope: There are so many fish in the sea!

3. 3. Patience: When will I get a message?

4. 4. Happiness: Yessss I got a message!

5. 5. Wanted: So many messages!

6. 6. Overwhelmed: Too many messages! Can’t. keep. up.

7. 7. Frustration: The good ones are ignoring me!

8. 8. Excitement: Scored a date!

9. 9. Reality: Why doesn’t he look like his photos…AT ALL?!

10. 10. Shock: Why does he have so many weird hobbies?

11. 11. Settling: I guess he’s alright…

12. 12. Admittance: I’d rather be at home with my DVR.

13. 13. Rejection: What did I do wrong?

14. 14. Disappointment: I’ll never find someone.

15. 15. Acceptance: Single 4Eva!

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