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    15 Signs You're A Disney World Addict

    Everyone loves "The Happiest Place on Earth," but some people love it a little too much.

    1. You go ALL the time, but you still look like this before each trip.

    2. You know the monorail monologue. In Spanish.

    3. No Fastpasses left?

    4. You see Hidden Mickeys everywhere.

    5. You dream about giant turkey legs and Mickey-shaped ice cream.

    6. Sleep? On vacation? Ain't nobody got time for that.

    7. Why travel the world when you have every country in EPCOT?

    8. The Magical Express isn't so magical on the trip back TO the airport.

    9. Your friends think you're crazy to Disney so often.

    10. Map? Who needs a map?

    11. You know what ADR, DDP, TTC & tons of other abbreviations mean.

    12. "It's a Small World" is your ringtone.

    13. You look like this making dining reservations.

    14. You don't understand how anyone could NOT love Disney.

    15. This is always the best way to end a night.