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This New iPhone Keyboard Changes Everything

ZOMG no more magnifying glass cursor.

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The magnifying glass cursor is one of the least helpful iPhone features.

What is this, a cursor for ANTS?
Nicole Nguyen / BuzzFeed

What is this, a cursor for ANTS?

Trying to edit emails or texts on the iPhone is so hard and literally feels like this:

Next ($4, iOS) is a new iPhone keyboard where you can move the typing cursor by swiping left and right on the spacebar.

Sarah Kobos / Buzzfeed


And you know how you can never tell when caps lock is on because the letters are *always* capitalized?

Next fixed that, too.

Nicole Nguyen / BuzzFeed

It's actually lowercase when you're typing lowercase. Brilliant.

There's also other cool stuff like emoji prediction...


And a quick way to delete a word with one swipe.


You can download Next Keyboard on iTunes for $4. After downloading, enable it by going to Settings > General > Keyboard.

The app is iPhone-only, probably because Android phones already get Google Keyboard, which rocks and has had a lot of these typing features for a long time (sigh).

Now you can type like a champ. 💪
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