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Google Is Giving Away 2 GB Of Free Storage All Day Long

It'll take you less than five minutes.

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In honor of Safer Internet Day, Google is giving away 2GB of free Google Drive space for users who complete the "Security Checkup" today.

Feeling so blessed rn.Safer Internet Day is celebrated every year on February 9, to "promote safer and more responsible use of online technology and mobile phones, especially among children and young people," according to its website.

All you have to do is go to Google's Security Checkup page while logged in, and follow the prompts.

You can also copy and paste this link:


Best of all, you'll still get 2GB even if you already completed the Security Checkup last year!

That's 4 extra gigabytes just for staying safe on the net.

If you want even *more* free storage, you can earn up to 1TB by becoming a local Google Maps guide.

Contribute information like reviews, restaurant hours, and answer questions about the location to earn points. If you earn as many as 200 points, you'll get a whole terabyte of Drive storage (a $120 per year value).