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    This Amazing iPhone Case Is Nearly Indestructible

    Water, sand, clumsy hands, and low battery ain't no thang for the H2Pro.

    🌞 Summertime means having fun around large bodies of water. 🌊

    You'll need an extra line of defense during the summer months – and there's a new, nearly indestructible case that'll protect it and then some.

    It's a waterproof battery pack phone case called the H2Pro for iPhone 6 by Mophie.

    The case survived dunks in the lake, a hail storm, tumbles onto granite rock, and flip cup beer sloshing.

    There are some downsides.

    Touch ID works through the case, but it's not perfect. I wouldn't rely on it to unlock my phone.

    The case doesn't float, so it's not a perfect waterproof solution.

    There is no model for Android phones (yet).

    The LifeProof FRE Power might be better, but we just won't know until we try it. Looking at specifications alone, the cases are very similar.

    Mophie's case is one of a slew of waterproof/battery case hybrids coming this summer. Lifeproof just announced its own FRE Power phone case ($130). Looking at specifications (like waterproofness) alone, the cases are very similar. It might be better, but we just won't know until we try it.

    But, ultimately, the pros outweigh the cons.

    Because the H2Pro adds major heft to your phone and using the display is cumbersome while the case is still on, it's not practical for everyday use. But I would highly recommend it for weekend adventuring at longer trips.

    Mophie sent me this unit on loan for the purposes of review and, after watching the case endure some major roughhousing, I'm going to shell out $130 to get it for myself.

    Remember to protect your gadgets because . . .