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13 Apps Every Non-Morning Person Needs

End morning mourning.

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F.lux (free, jailbroken iOS, Windows, Linux, and Mac)

From personal experience, this app will help you sleep better and prevent you from staying up too late. You're not supposed to be looking at screens at night — unless you're using Flux. It'll remove the "blue light" emitted by displays.

Just input where you live and the app will adjust your computer's (or phone's) color based on local sunset times.


SnoreLab ($5, iOS, Android arrives March 2015)

Poor sleep quality could be contributing to your A.M. grogginess — and your snoring partner might be to blame. This app (which launches for Android in March 2015, sign up for the pre-release here) records snoring so you can prove to him or her that the problem is real. But the app's best feature is that it helps you test the effectiveness of different remedies like anti-snore pillows or nasal strips.


Smarter (free, iOS and Android)

Grind and brew fresh coffee FROM YOUR PHONE before you've even left bed. The Smarter app is free, but the Smarter coffee machine costs $230 and is so spankin' new that it won't be available until May.

If you absolutely can't wait, the Mr. Coffee Smart Brew ($150) will do essentially the same thing except grind beans. Also, its hardware doesn't look as ~slick.~


Paypal (free, iOS, Android, and Windows Phone)

Wake up late most days? With this app, you can order ahead, pay with your phone, then pick up your pastries without having to wait in line.

In select cities, you can also order coffee and food in advance with the Starbucks app (free, iOS and Android).

100+ Easy Muffin Tin Meals (free, iOS)

If you're motivated enough to cook your morning meal, make sure it's easy and fast. This app has plenty of delicious ideas for breakfast muffins, which will motivate you to get out of bed if you pre-make them the night before. Just pop them in the toaster the next morning!


Spotify's Wake Up Happy Playlist (free to download but subscription required, iOS, Android, and Windows Phone)

This Wake Up Happy playlist will get you up and dancin' in no time.

Not on Spotify? 8tracks has over 3,000 wake up playlists you can listen to for free.