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19 Of The Greatest Easter Eggs Hidden Around The Web

Better than *actual* Easter?

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5. There is a secret message hidden in Facebook's notification sound.

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Listen closely...the site's audio designer divulged that the sound's base chord is Fmaj7, whose notes actually spell out "F-A-C-E." Whatttttttt.

7. In classic Google Maps, request walking directions from "The Shire" to "Mordor."

Google / BuzzFeed Life

You'll get a caution that reads: "One does not simply walk into Mordor." To switch to classic Maps, click the question mark icon on the bottom right.


12. When you used to search "blue" in Netflix, you saw blue smudges.

I think I just blue myself rediscovering this. To promote Season 4 of Arrested Development, Netflix added some of Tobias' blue paint smudges all over its pages. The Easter egg unfortunately no longer exists. Bring thee blue back, Netflix!


13. In Facebook settings, change your language setting to English (Pirate).

Nicole Nguyen / BuzzFeed

Home becomes the "Home Port," videos become "bewitched portraits," the News Feed becomes "Captain's Log," Calendar becomes "Grog Fests," and much more.


17. In "Dream Girl," the author of XKCD hid coordinates and a date months into the future in the fourth panel. On that day, hundreds of people, including the author, showed up.

The coordinates were a park in Cambridge, and people camped out the night before, then swarmed the author for autographs when he showed up to the unofficial meetup.

19. Likewise, if you type "about:robots," you'll see this fun pop-culture-laced message:

Name 'em all! (Hint: That last one's from Futurama.) Also, the site tagline is a famous phrase from The Day the Earth Stood Still.