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Everyone Held Their Breath When This Fencer's Phone Fell Mid-Match

"My b, coach." —Enzo Lefort, probably

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So imagine everyone's surprise when, in the middle of a bout with Germany's Peter Joppich, Lefort's phone fell out of his pocket. IN THE MIDDLE OF A BOUT, guys!

Holy hell!! Olympians — they're just like us.


And then, after some swift moves by Joppich, Lefort stumbles off piste and the phone goes tumbling on to the floor.


"Noooooooooooooooo" —every person who's ever dropped their phone at EXACTLY THE WRONG TIME.

Watch the entire incident here:

When you're fencing in the Olympics but your timeline is still lit. 🔥📱


The good news is: The phone appears to be in working condition.

when you drop your phone and the screen doesn't crack.

(As evidenced by his frequently updated Instagram account.)

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