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27 Incredible Travel Products You Didn't Know You Needed

How to pack, fly, and explore like a PRO.

1. Rolo ($50) is a great companion for minimalist travelers.

The mesh pockets keep clothes or cords sorted. After packing, simply roll up the Rolo to compress it. You can drop the pack in a larger suitcase as an organizer or just take the Rolo as is for a quick weekend getaway.

The attached hook lets hang it from a doorframe or tree branch (or basically anything else) and turn it into an instant mobile closet.

Get it on Rolo's website.

2. Tile ($25 each) keeps track of your luggage, and can locate it when lost.

Tile is a phone-connected, Bluetooth-enabled tracker. You can prompt Tile to ring if it's within 100 feet of your phone. Conversely, you can press the Tile logo's "e" to ring your phone. The companion app also records the last location the tracker recognized your item. If someone else snatches your luggage and it goes out of Bluetooth range, you can expand the search using all Tile apps in the Tile community.

Tiles need to be replaced every year because the battery runs out, and can be bought at a discount in bulk ($70 for 4, $130 for 8, etc.).

Get it on Amazon.

3. MochiThing's Passport Wallet ($26) has a special film embedded that'll protect your documents from unauthorized RFID readers.

4. The eBags Pack-It-Flat ($30) toiletry kit is a compact solution for overpackers.

5. Eagle Creek's Tarmac Carry-On ($299) is super durable and full of conveniently located pockets designed for frequent fliers.

6. The Bag Bungee ($15) helps you carry two bags with one hand.

7. TomBihn's Aeronaut 45 ($295) is an incredibly versatile duffel/backpack/shoulderbag.

If you're going to a part of the world where there aren't great roads or you'll be hopping from bus to bus, you're not going to want a roller bag, so opt for a duffel instead.

The Aeronaut 30 is the maximum carry-on size. It has a spacious main compartment, lots of mesh stowaways for organization, and generous end pockets, large enough to fit size 12 shoes. The bag is waterproof and built with reinforced ripstop fabric, which prevents runaway tears. Tom Bihn also offers several packing cubes that'll help you get the most out of the space inside your bag.

Best of all, the duffel comes with a lifetime guarantee. If something happens, the company will repair it for free.

The Aeronaut 45 is best for weeklong (or longer) travel. If you're more of a weekend warrior, opt for the smaller 30-liter model ($285).

Get it at Tom Bihn.

8. Vapur ($7) is a collapsible bottle that'll keep you hydrated (the ultimate jet lag deterrent).

Flying? Try not to drink alcohol and stick with water. This bottle is great because it won't take up space when it's empty and has a handy carabiner for attaching to the outside of your pack. There are also a variety of alternative caps available.

Get it on Amazon.

9. These stretch laces ($9) will get you through TSA security lines in no time.

The laces comes in a variety of colors and make it easy to slip your foot in and out of your sneaks.

Get it at Just Solutions Products.

10. The Kindle Paperwhite ($119) is an e-reader with a multiple weeks-long battery life.

11. The Travelrest Travel Blanket ($30) is the dorkiest, most luxurious thing you will ever buy.

OK, hear me out: airplane blankets are hardly blankets at all and, like your corporate office building in the summertime, plane cabins will crank up the AC no matter what. One cozy blanket will go a *long* way.

This blanket has an opening for your head so it can actually cover your shoulders without slipping down. It's kind of like a pajama poncho. I also love how packable it is. It folds into itself and doesn't need a separate carrying case.

Get it on Amazon.

If you don't mind something bulkier, definitely get this amazing blanket from Brookstone ($40) that's basically a portable comforter.

12. REI's Self-Inflating Pillow ($20) has a grippy bottom to prevent it from sliding down your shoulder.

13. The Bose QuietComfort 25 ($299) are the best noise-cancelling headphones you can buy, in terms of sound and comfort.

Trying to get some rest? Noise cancelling devices are a must. This pair has been extremely well-reviewed by audiophiles and gadget fiends alike. Bose's noise-cancelling technology is perhaps the best in the industry. Most importantly, it's light (.43 pounds) and can be collapsed into the included carrying case for easy travel.

They're powered by a single AAA battery, which will need to be replaced after 35 hours of use. You can still listen to music with a wired connection after the battery runs out, but you won't be able to turn on noise cancelling.

Get it on Amazon – and make sure you select the right model for your device (iOS/Apple or Android/Samsung).

14. Audio Technica's ATH-ANC23 ($45) are a fantastic noise-cancelling earbud option.

15. The Bucky Eye Mask ($13) is a must.

16. Laser Lite Foam Earplugs ($9 for 50) provide a quiet oasis but won't leaving your ears sore.

Pro-tip: Earplugs + noise cancelling headphones is an incredible combo that can drown out the loudest snorers and crying babies. It's ~magic~. Try it and you'll never be able to fly without them.

17. Sockwell's Compression Socks for Women and Men ($19 to $25) promotes circulation and minimizes swelling on long-haul flights.

These graduated compression socks are great for long flights or any situation in which you're sitting down for a length of time. The spandex integrated throughout the sock increases blood flow throughout your feet and calves – plus they'll keep your feet warm!

Get it on Amazon.

18. For post-flight recovery, I rely on two essentials: 1) e.l.f.'s daily hydration moisturizer ($8)...

19. ...and 2) Benefit's It's Potent eye cream ($34), which will wake up your eyes immediately.

20. This Traveller Icon shirt ($33) can help you communicate, no matter where you are.

21. The GoPro Hero Session ($200) is the most simple waterproof action camera for first time GoPro-ers.

22. Yes to Facial Towelettes ($3 for 10-pack) can cool you down and clean sticky hands.

23. The GripTight GorillaPod phone stand ($17) is a portable tripod with flexible legs.

24. Patagonia's travel tote ($79) can be worn over the shoulder, on the back, or by hand – and it packs down into a super small square.

For excursions, you can quickly expand this tote and be on your way. There are a ton of organizational pockets, so you don't have to fumble around for your wallet or water bottle when you need it most. When you're done, empty the bag and stuff the material into its own pocket for easy packing. It's an excellent day pack that sits close to your body for hiking and converts easily into a tote bag for outdoor market shopping.

25. Anker's Premium Extended Battery Case ($58) will keep your phone powered and protected.

26. Lonely Planet eBooks ($8-$20) reduce weight, and are easily accessible by phone (now that it's all charged!).

The Lonely Planet eBooks are alos great because you can download select chapters (let's be real: you're probably not visiting the entire country).

I like buying them through (instead of the Kindle store), which offers up to five downloads (makes sharing with your travel group easy) and in a variety of formats (pdf, epub, and mobi, so you can access it from your Kindle, iPhone, laptop, or whatever else suits you).

Get it on Lonely Planet.

27. And, finally, a To-Go Sriracha Bottle because YOU NEVER KNOW.

Happy travels to all and to all a good night!!!

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