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The Best Time To Book Your Holiday Flights Is Right Now

Just hold on, you're going home. For cheap!

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Because you should start booking your Thanksgiving and winter holiday flights in August.

August 10 to 16 is the best time to buy flights for the holidays, according to Skyscanner.

The flight comparison website analyzed 2014 flights and found that travelers save the most when they book Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year's Eve flights in the 33rd week of the year.

Skyscanner claims you could save up to 14% on a New Year's roundtrip ticket by booking at this time. Christmas flights were about 19% less expensive versus booking the week of, while Thanksgiving tickets were about 5.5% less expensive.


Typically, the best time to buy a flight is 47 days in advance, but holiday travel is a different ball game.

The Skyscanner data confirms's Prime Booking Window analysis that travelers should book 27 to 114 days in advance. August 13, which is in Skyscanner's "sweet spot week" for booking holiday travel, is 114 days in advance of Thanksgiving.

Airlines will drop their prices starting in August, before rising again in September, November, and December.

Flight prediction app Hopper forecasted that prices for domestic travel will rise again by about 2.27% in September. Prices fall slightly in October.


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