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    21 Ridiculously Cool Last-Minute Gifts Under $50

    Things you can *actually* afford.

    1. Native Union's JUMP cable ($50) is a charging cable and portable battery pack in one.

    2. Misfit Shine ($50) is one of the only fitness trackers that's fit for swimming.

    3. Moshi's Clearguard ($25) keyboard cover is a great gift for your friend who is dirty af.

    4. The Photojojo Shutter Remote ($25) can take pictures up to 30 feet away from your phone.

    5. This Mind the Snap Smartphone Remote ($18) works just like the Photojojo one, but it has a bit more flair.

    6. The WeMo switch ($40 each) connects to Wi-Fi and can be turned on or off from your phone, wherever you are.

    7. Paperback Sticky Notes ($8) fit perfectly on the back of an iPhone case.

    8. Triggertrap ($37) lets you control a DSLR's with a smartphone.

    9. Tile ($25) is a tracking device that can locate both your phone and the item it's attached to.

    10. The Powerslayer ($30) is a smart USB charger that eliminates overcharging by automatically turning off.

    11. This Lightsaber Selfie Stick ($20) is how all selfies should be captured – with the Dark Side.

    12. Toymail ($50) is a bear-shaped, Wi-Fi enabled messenger that can play voice messages from any phone.

    13. Chromecast Audio ($35) lets you control speakers with your phone from anywhere in the house.

    14. The JBL Clip ($50) has impressive sound for such a small speaker.

    15. Anker's Ultra Slim Battery Case for iPhone 6 ($40) offers 120% longer battery life.

    16. Pencil by FiftyThree ($40) is a chunky drawing stylus that works with iPads.

    17. The Knot Your Average ($40) charging cable has a weighted anchor that'll make sure your cord stays put.

    18. The Amazon Fire TV Stick ($40) packs a lot of storage and memory into a tiny media streamer.

    19. Share your tunes with this Heart Headphone Splitter ($12).

    20. The Skeye Nano Drone Quadcopter ($44) is an on-point gift your grown-up geek friend.

    21. And if you're willing to spend a ~little~ more than $50, go for the Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 ($69 - $79).

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