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    13 Incredibly Useful Tips Every Spotify User Should Know

    Save new Discover Weekly tracks to a playlist.

    Amy Sefton / BuzzFeed

    1. Add a Shazam'ed track to Spotify.


    When you're like "What's that song?", open Shazam (free, iOS and Android) and hold your phone as close to the music source as possible. Once Shazam's identifies the track, tap the + sign then Add to Spotify playlist. Easy.

    2. Create playlist folders to organize your music.

    Nicole / BuzzFeed

    Go to File > New Playlist Folder. Drag and drop playlists over the newly created folder. You can only create folders on desktop.

    If you have too many playlists, folders will change your life. TRUST. I create playlists by season, then drag them to a single Best of XX Year folder. That way, at any point, I can go into that folder, hit Play, and listen to everything I've loved so far that year.

    3. Turn Spotify into karaoke by clicking "Lyrics" in the player.

    Nicole / BuzzFeed

    It only works on the desktop app unfortunately. :(

    4. On Spotify for iOS, preview what's in a playlist by pressing and holding the cover art.

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    Press down (and don't let go) on the playlist cover. You'll then see a grid of album art. Drag your finger over an album cover to preview a snippet of that song.

    5. You can get 50% off Premium ($5 per month) as a student. Sign up here.


    A copy of a class schedule, transcription, tuition receipt or student ID is required. The discount is available for currently enrolled students at Title IV accredited institutions in the US.

    6. Save new Discover Weekly tracks to a playlist.


    Never miss your weekly personalized mixtape again with this recipe from IFTTT, a website that automates actions between different apps. Get it here.

    7. Put all of your loved tracks on a singular Spotify playlist.


    For those of you who are still diehards, this IFTT recipe will sync your old faves with a new streaming service. Get it here.

    8. Whenever you favorite a song, you can tweet it.


    This IFTTT recipe will also include album art in the tweet, if available. Get it here.

    9. If you have an Android device, you can start playing music with your voice.

    Nicole / BuzzFeed

    Nicole / BuzzFeed

    This hands-free command is awesome when you're driving. First set "Ok Google" to Always on. In Android 5.0, open Settings > Language & input > Voice input > the gear icon next to Enhanced Google Services > "Ok Google detection" > enable From any screen and When locked. (Not what you see? Learn more about your specific device settings here.)

    Now you'll be able to say "Ok Google, play [artist name] in Spotify" to play a band's most popular and recent tracks immediately.

    10. Taste Rewind will create a playlist of artists you would have liked in past decades, based on your favorite artists.


    11. Simplify is a Mac app ($5) that shows you album artwork and controls in a mini-player. It also shows you the track name in the menu bar.


    The app works with Spotify, iTunes, Vox, Soundcloud and more. There's a switcher that makes it easy to swap back and forth between players.

    12. Gramofon ($69) has Spotify Connect built-in. It can turn any speaker into a wireless, WiFi music player.


    It streams directly from your WiFi connection, so if you take a call or go out of wireless network, the music will continue playing. You can pair multiple Gramofons and control them with one mobile device. The Gramofon also acts as a WiFi hotspot and can boost reception in hard-to-connect wireless areas.

    Spotify Connect will also work with PlayStation 4, the new Chromecast, plus Sonos, Bose, LG, and a number of other home sound systems.

    13. Review your most-listened to artists of 2015 with Spotify's personalized Year in Music.


    It'll also show you how many total minutes you spent listening to/wasting time on Spotify.

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