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23 Impossibly Cool Gadgets For The Person Who Has Everything

Innovative stuff they'll *actually* use.

Amy Sefton / BuzzFeed

We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a small share of sales from the links on this page.

1. The iLeef iBridge USB drive ($74 for 32GB) will prevent you from EVER running out of space.


iBridge is a small accessory that clips onto your iPhone or iPad. Once you run out of memory, plug in the Lightning connector, open the iBridge app, transfer all of your photos and files, then delete them from your phone to make room for more. Simple.

2. The Perfect Bake ($19.61) is an amazing gift for anyone who is terrible at baking.


The Perfect Bake's step-by-step in-app guides mean no more measuring or counting. Just use the included bowl and start adding ingredients to the connected scale, then the app will tell you when to stop.

There are also three timers (for baking, mixing, and cooling) that are pre-set so you can finish your baked goods as efficiently as possible.

3. Cuff ($30 - $129) is a line of smart jewelry that can instantly alert friends and family when you're in danger.


Whenever you feel sketched out, press Cuff to immediately ping trusted contacts with your location. Your friends and family will be able to see who is viewing the alert, so they can coordinate your rescue. The jewelry connects to your phone via Bluetooth and also vibrates when your contacts call or text.

The heart of the technology, Cuff, is a black insert that costs $30. Accessories range from $30 to $129, depending on the style.

4. The Drift Light ($25) automatically dims at night, which will help you fall asleep.


Sleep is SO important, and the blue light from our phones and standard lightulbs block our bodies' production of melatonin, a natural sleep agent. When activated, Drift Light will begin dimming over the course of 37 minutes, the average duration of a sunset, to get your body ready for zzz's.

5. Earhoox ($10) forces Apple earbuds to stay in your ear.


These silicone adapters are grippy, designed to fit the grooves of your ear, and will actually keep buds in place. Each set comes with multiple sizes, just in case.

6. Spire ($150) is a wearable gadget that can help with anxiety.


This clip works with an iPhone app to provide feedback on your breathing patterns. Once it senses tension, a notification will remind you to take a breather. The app includes short exercises and mini guided meditation sessions to help you stay calm.

7. The Tablift ($60) holds up your tablet anywhere, in any position.


Holding up your tablet in bed, or while lounging on the couch, is a potential hazard (they're heavy!) so protect yourself with this very flexible stand. It has three clips that grab the side of your tablet, and four spider-esque arms that bend in every which way, plus rubber ends that give it great grip.

8. The Selfie Kase ($50) turns an iPhone into a portable ring light.


It's a case with a row of bright LED lights around the edge that provides beautiful, constant light for your selfies or portraits of others. There's a dimmer function that offers full control of the light's brightness. It also has a built-in battery so it won't drain your phone's.

9. The Travelamp ($8) turns a phone's flashlight into a glowing bedside lamp.

Fred and Friends

This uber portable light diffuser is the perfect solution for low-light situations, like night time reading or camping. It's made of soft silicon and can fit most smartphones.

10. The Neo Smartpen ($170) turns handwriting into text.


This smart pen digitizes what you write in the companion Android and iOS app, and can automatically save notes to Google Drive and others. It only works with N notebooks, which are sold separately ($10 to $21 on Amazon) or paper which you can print yourself for free via any laser printer and N Toaster.

11. The Coolest ($499) is a tailgate party one stop shop with a blender, speaker, phone charger, and more.


One of Kickstarter's highest funded campaigns ever ($13 million raised) is now available on Amazon with Prime delivery (despite the company's drama with its earliest supporters). There's a built-in blender for smoothies, a Bluetooth outdoor speaker, ruggedized wheels, a USB charger, LED light, bottle opener, four plates, a knife, removable cutting board, and a tie-down bungee cord to attach blankets and other gear to the lid.

Not sold? Stay tuned for our full review.

12. This bath air pillow ($55) holds up your smartphone while you chill in the tub.

Japan Trend Shop

Japan Trend Shop

Aside from running out of breath to inflate it, this waterproof cushion takes out all the work of taking a bath. You, too, can be highly entertained by your iPhone homescreen. The pillow also works just as well (if not better) out of the bath.

13. Bedphones ($60) are headphones that are comfortable enough to fall asleep in.


These headphones are small, flat, and foamy – perfect for listening to Adele on repeat before dozing off. The lay on your ears, not in them, so you can lie comfortably on your side.

14. The Thing Charger ($40) can turn an outlet into a charging station and eliminate messy cables.


You can stack multiple Thing Chargers at once and power multiple devices at the same time. It comes with both a lightning tip for Apple devices and a microUSB tip for just about everything else (Androids, Kindles, etc.).

15. The Iris Lens System ($59 each) is a professional-grade lenses for your phone that work with *any* case.


Photo taken with the macro lens

Many phone lenses require special mounts or special cases – and Photojojo finally developed a wide angle, fisheye and macro lens (sold separately or together for $109) that works with any case. An iPhone or Samsung mount is applied between your phone and your preferred case and an elastic cord keeps it snug.

16. Vinylify ($70) can press your custom playlists on vinyl.


It's the ultimate gift for the music snob in your life. You can upload tracks (10 minutes per side), create a cover, and design a sleeve yourself or offer a voucher for them to make their own. The cost is $66 euros with shipping (about $70 USD).

17. The Automatic ($80) saves you money on gas by teaching you how to be a better driver.


The Automatic adapter plugs into a vehicle's standard diagnostics port (lol, did you even know that existed?) and pairs with a smartphone app that shows information like why the check engine light is on, feedback on how you can drive more efficiently, and – most amazingly – where you parked your car!

Automatic actually works with most cars 1996 or newer (check compatibility here).

18. The Mycestro ($150) is a mouse you can wear on your finger.


This is the damn future, you guys. With Mycestro's high-tech ring, you can control your computer's cursor with gestures. There is also three button- and scroll-capability, which means that it can act as a complete mouse replacement.

19. The Fluidstance ($289) keeps you moving at your standing desk.


It doesn't guarantee rockhard abs, but the Fluidstance does allow for a greater range of motion for those who stand and work, which keeps your heart rate elevated so you can stay healthy, focused, and productive.

20. Flic ($39) is a shortcut to your favorite phone actions.


There are three ways you can interact with Flic: click, double click, and hold. Each interaction can be programmed with the Flic app. So, for example, click can be "start playlist on Spotify" or "ring my phone." It also integrates with IFTTT for even more functionality. Order by Dec. 4 to get it in time for Christmas Day.

21. The Zolt portable charger ($100) can power a phone, tablet, and *laptop* simultaneously.


Amazingly, the Zolt adapter can charge your laptop at the same speed as the power adapter that came with it.

22. These gum cable organizers ($9 for 4) are a fun way to keep cords under control.

Fred and Friends

These clips, like gum, can be mounted pretty much everywhere – on computers, desks, and walls.

23. And for a tech-loving kitty, here's a cat scratch laptop ($30).


Omg the MOUSE.

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