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Here's How To Get The New Purple Rain Snapchat Filter

Get ~underneath the purple rain~

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The legendary musician Prince died today at age 57.

Kevork Djansezian / Getty Images / Getty Images

In honor of the pop icon, Snapchat released a subtle purple rain filter, a nod to the artist's Grammy-winning sixth studio album.

Nicole Nguyen / BuzzFeed

It's a filter, not a lens. You can add filters by swiping down to reveal the Settings icon, going to Manage, and turning on Filters.

Jessica Misener / BuzzFeed

Yesterday, Snapchat released Bob Marley filter that many people found highly distasteful.

Just a heads up, @Snapchat, don't do a Prince filter.

The company was accused of promoting blackface.

Many fans warned Snapchat to approach their Prince filter with caution.

snapchat should probably think very carefully before putting out some weird Prince filter

All I'm saying @Snapchat is don't get any stupid ideas about a Prince filter. Let it go....

Do you think the filter helps fans express grief – or is it opportunistic?

.@Snapchat added a #PurpleRain filter in honor of Prince. 😭

Either way, R.I.P Prince. <3

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