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Did You Know That Snapchat Is Secretly Eating All Of Your Data?

GIGABYTES, you guys.

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The Snapchat app could be using up a *lot* of your data in the background, which is bad news for those of us with limited data (or unlimited data with limited LTE) plans.

How much, you ask? We're talking not megabytes, but gigabytes of data every month potentially.

I had a creeping suspicion Snapchat was still a data hog, despite several recent updates to improve excessive usage, and so I surveyed my co-workers.

Christina found that Snapchat gobbled up over 1 gigabyte of data (even with the "reduced data usage" setting, which we'll get to later). My other colleague, Sarah, discovered Snapchat had used THIRTEEN gigabytes.


And they're not alone: several Snapchat users on Reddit have reported the same issue over the past year.

First, check your data usage and make sure Snapchat is actually the culprit.

On the iPhone, open Settings > Cellular, and scroll to Snapchat. On Android, open Settings > Data Usage.

*Note that on the iPhone, you need to reset usage statistics after every billing cycle. If you don't reset, the number you see reflects usage over the lifetime of the device. To reset, scroll to the bottom of the Cellular settings page and tap Reset Statistics.


Finally, if you have very limited data on your plan, consider disabling cell data for Snapchat entirely.

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On iPhone, go to Settings > Cellular, scroll down and next to Snapchat swipe left to disable data for the app. On Android, go to Settings > Data Usage, tap on Snapchat and disable background data use.

You can still record snaps without data, but they won't post. When you're on Wi-Fi, just push them through retroactively.