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Instagram Just Made Your Life So Much Easier

It's hip *not* to be square.

Starting today, you won't need to square crop your Instagram photos. πŸ‘

The update arrives to Instagram's Android and iOS apps around the world today. If you can't upload tall or wide photos yet, the feature is being rolled out to users throughout the day.

When your outfit's on fleek, you won't need to add white borders.

When it's pup cuddle time, you won't need any special apps to fit all of 'em in.

Because you can now upload portrait photos or videos...

Instagram / Nicole Nguyen / BuzzFeed
Instagram / Nicole Nguyen / BuzzFeed

...and landscape photos or videos directly to Instagram.

Instagram / Nicole Nguyen / BuzzFeed
Instagram / Nicole Nguyen / BuzzFeed


To use the new format, tap the upload button, choose a photo from your gallery, and tap the new button on the bottom left.

Instagram / Nicole Nguyen / BuzzFeed

Square crop will still be default.

You can then pinch and zoom to change the aspect ratio. That's it!


Instagram will now support a range from 1:1, up to 4:5.

Now you can be ~creatively free~ to post whatever kind of pic you want.

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