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    Everyone Is Talking About This Genius Couch From The Netherlands

    Get this for your next camping trip.

    There are a lot of clever ways to lounge around.

    But this product, the Lamzac Hangout, is the lounge-iest thing WE'VE EVER SEEN.

    Lamzac is the Netherlands-based company that created the Hangout ($70 + $16 shipping to the US), a sofa-like lounger that inflates within seconds.

    According to the about page, the company's name was inspired by the Dutch word lamzak, which means "a lazy person or literally, an inactive bag."

    To set up the Hangout, unroll the bag and wave it through the air. Then roll up the end to pressurize the bag, and clip it closed.

    That's it. That's all there is.

    The Lamzac Hangout took off in September, when the company posted a video titled, "Great for chilling in the park." It garnered 12 million views and over 255k shares.

    The video's popularity was beyond the company's wildest expectations and the Hangouts were immediately sold out.

    As of last week, LamZac claimed that their first batch is due to ship on April 4, and that they are working on a new release date.

    Product manager Damian Baselmans told BuzzFeed, "In a matter of hours we pushed our production capacity to as far as we could go, while ensuring we keep our build quality as high as possible."

    The company employs just eight people and hopes to eventually sell the Hangout on Amazon.

    If you want to get your hands on one, sign up for the newsletter at ASAP.

    Until then, you can dream about napping in it...

    Hanging out with friends in it...

    Even working from it?!?!