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Here's How One Tattoo Artist Prevents Tattoo Regret

Watch an artist at work.

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Deciding on what to wear for the rest of your life is a serious endeavor — and one artist hopes to prevent tattoo regret by showing clients *exactly* what the finished product will look like on their bodies.

His tattoos are insanely cool, but mostly because of his baller AF technique.


He records the sketches, so they can watch the evolution. The timelapse videos are completely mesmerizing.

"I ask them to tell me about why they want this tattoo, so it ends up being a piece of their story instead of something inspired by fashion," Giovannitti told BuzzFeed.

This tattoo belongs to Sammie Vasquez. She wanted to commemorate her snake Pele, who she's had for over six years.

Instagram: @saavaa_

"Clients get very excited seeing what's progressed during our conversation, that I was able to pull this thought or vision out of their head. It's usually much more intricate and detailed than what they expected."


Giovannitti uses an iPad Pro and an Apple Pencil, as well as an app called ProCreate, to sketch his clients' body art.

Fred Giovannitti

"Compared to existing styluses, the Apple Pencil is far more advanced in terms of control and precision," the tattoo artist commented.

But he does have one gripe with the accessory: "The little charging cap is so tiny! They should figure out some slidey thing, or an adapter on top. Losing it is big a source of anxiety for me."

He also uses a soft "egg" grip on the Apple Pencil. It's designed to teach kids how to hold a pencil correctly, but Giovannitti uses it to prevent his hands from cramping while drawing for hours on end.


The result? A work of body art that's more of a collaboration than a commission.

You can see more of his work on Instagram at @fredgiovannitti.