The Future Of The Apple Store Is Trees

    The Genius Bar is a Genius "Grove" now.

    On May 21, Apple is opening a really fancy new retail store right by Union Square in San Francisco.

    According to Angela Ahrendts, Senior Vice President of Retail for Apple, this new store represents "the future of Apple retail."

    They offered some press folks a preview, and the first thing they showed us was this huge sliding door.

    It is 42 feet tall!

    When we walked in, everyone was clapping.

    The first stop of our tour was "The Forum," a 35-foot wide 6k video wall with cube seating for various events like game nights, teaching sessions and music video premiers.

    The leather part of the cubes can be pulled out to make more seating.

    The designers renamed the Genius Bar the Genius Grove, because bars are "noisy and loud" and the company is trying to make the experience "beautiful," "calming," and "inviting," Ahrendts said.

    Seems like a real missed opportunity to name it a Genius Orchard?

    In "The Avenue," there are items like phone cases, headphones, and drones with "experts" standing by to show you how to actually use them.

    There are even more trees outside in the new part of the store called "The Plaza," where people can go to get free Wi-Fi, chill, and listen to acoustic performances 24/7.

    While this is the first public plaza, Apple says others will be found at their "most significant stores."

    Another new part of the store is called "The Boardroom," and you'll probably never get to see it.

    So, anyway, the future of the Apple Store looks just like a normal Apple Store...

    ...with a bunch of trees.