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Updated on Jan 23, 2019. Posted on Oct 31, 2015

17 Clever iPhone Accessories You Didn't Know You Needed

"Hey Siri, turn off my straightener."

Amy Sefton / BuzzFeed / Prynt / iHome

Just got a new iPhone? Maybe an iPhone 6S? You're in the right place.

1. Live GIF ($2) turns Live Photos into GIFs or videos, so you can actually share them.

Live Photos is a new iPhone 6S feature that turns stills into short bursts of videos, using the 1.5 seconds before you take the photo and the 1.5 seconds after it. Unfortunately, only devices running iOS 9 can view Live Photos. This app, however, turns those Live Photos into easily-shareable GIFs or video files that you can send to your Android friends or post on social media.

2. Lean (free) turns unwanted Live Photos into normal photos.

A Live Photo equals one still and one three-second movie clip, which can quickly eat up your storage. This app deletes the video portion of unwanted Live Photos but keeps the still.

3. If you don't like Live Photo, try Instagram's new app Boomerang (free).

Facebook: video.php

Boomerang is basically Live Photos for Facebook (since Facebook hasn't supported Live Photos yet), plus it's available on Android too. But it's a little different – instead of looping photos, Boomerang plays the animation forwards and backwards.

4. The iHome Control Smart Plug lets you control your electronics with Siri ($37 each).

The SmartPlug connects to your home's WiFi and can be controlled via the iHome Control app. Anything with a plug (speakers, fans, lights, etc.) can be turned on/off or set on timer, wirelessly. Because the plug also works with HomeKit you can control it with Siri, too and say things like, "Turn off the straightener in the bathroom."

5. The Prynt case turns your iPhone into a modern-day Polaroid camera ($139 to pre-order).

The Prynt is a small printer that attaches to your iPhone and can print two by three inch photos on-the-go, in about 30 seconds. The accessory even has a shutter button that will help you produce more stable photos. It works with the Prynt app, which includes filters, stickers, and text, but you're free to use the photo editing app of your choice. The first ten prints are free, and $25 for 50 after that.

6. The Inkcase is a battery-saving second screen ($99 to preorder).

The piece of hardware that drains a phone's battery the most is its bright screen. This case acts as a second, e-ink screen (like a Kindle) that can show you notifications, articles, and photos, without turning on the iPhone's display.

7. The Dxo One is a high-quality camera that attaches to your iPhone ($599).

It's a DSLR-grade, professional-level camera packed into a small, matchbox-sized gadget that connects to your phone via lightning cable. It takes 20.2 megapixel photos (versus the 6S's 12 megapixel camera) and a max aperture of f/1.8 (which means it lets in more light than the 6S's f/2.2 camera).

The Dxo One captures beautiful portraits and low-light photos, plus offers more creative control over things like depth of field. Because it's a replacement for big, bulky cameras, it's expensive, but a great get for someone who's serious about photography.

8. The Seyvr wallet has a hidden, built-in phone charger ($92).

There's a 1400mAh battery hidden in this leather wallet that can recharge a phone in about 2.5 hours. The charging cable is built-in, along with a money clip for cash and slots for 6 credit cards.

9. The amazing Grip Strip ($11) is a car mount that won't fail.

This sticky pad can hold your phone, sunglasses, navigation device ... nearly anything that needs mounting. When it loses its stickiness, a wipe down with a damp towel should do the trick.

10. The Rolio turns your plug into a neat charging station ($10).

This accessory props up your phone, so it's still easy to see notifications. It'll keep your lightning cable out of sight, too.

11. This privacy screen protector ($30) deflects nosy strangers.

Keep wandering, lurking eyes off your screen. Anyone standing to the side of you will only see a dark abyss.

A note of caution when buying cases for your 6S or 6S Plus: when you're shopping around for cases, read the fine print. The 6S is several millimeters larger than the 6, which means that most iPhone 6 cases will fit the 6S but others, like airtight waterproof cases, won't unless otherwise noted.

12. The very slim Anker Extended Battery Case ($40) provides power and protection.

Anker's iPhone 6 ultra-slim extended battery case is incredibly reviewed (just peep the Amazon comments and this Wirecutter article) — and, despite it's sleek profile, will fit both the 6 and 6S.

13. The Lifeproof Fre ($80) is a fully waterproof case with a battery pack built-in.

I tried Mophie's H2Pro for iPhone 6 and liked it. It's compatible with the iPhone 6S as well ($130). Lifeproof has updated their water-, dirt-, snow-, and drop-proof battery case Fre Power ($130) and Fre ($80) case (without extra battery) to 6S specifications, too.

14. The TuneBand ($25) is the most comfortable running armband around.

The TuneBand's got a great price and, according to The Wirecutter, it's the most comfortable band for a wide variety of arm sizes.

15. These Sonix cases ($40) are clear, cute, and minimal.

Both the Multi-charm ($40) and Bahama ($40) cases have a transparent plastic backing that shows off the phone underneath and a rubbery bumper that protects the device from all sides, including the ports on the bottom which the official Apple cases don't.

16. These Redbubble phone cases ($25 each) feature the new iOS 9.1 emojis.

New emojis in iOS 9.1, FTW. There's an eye roll case and a middle finger case for iPhones 4 to 6S.

17. These Society6 cases ($35 - $38, each) feature the work of amazing artists.

You can grab the Nope case by Gemma Correll, the Diverge case, and many others in two styles: a slim, snap-on case ($35) and a two-part "tough case" ($38) that has a hard shell and soft rubber interior.

And, this Drizzy case, which doesn't exist IRL but totally should.

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