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15 Phone Hacks Every Traveler Needs To Know

How to plan for the worst, prevent insane fees, and make the MOST out of your device.

☁️ Your phone can be the multilingual, resourceful travel buddy with a fantastic sense of direction you've always dreamed of. ☁️

But it can also attract a lot of unwanted attention — so I've put together some tips on how to be a savvy smartphone traveler.

You're going to want to keep these three goals in mind:

* Have a plan if your phone gets stolen or lost.

* Prevent insane roaming fees.

* Make the most of your phone's capabilities with offline maps, translators, etc. to help you when you're on the go.

Here's how.

1. Keep your phone out of plain view — and be extra aware in large crowds.

2. But be prepared for the worst-case scenario: losing it.

3. Turn data roaming OFF!!!

4. And then use the magic combo: Airplane Mode + Wi-Fi.

5. Save areas you're going to visit offline via Google Maps.

6. You can also download all of the maps available in Frommer's eBooks — for free.

7. Sync your destination's local language for offline access with Google Translate.

8. Use apps that can send messages over Wi-Fi, like WhatsApp, Viber, Messenger, Hangouts, or iMessage.

9. Get the eBook version of your guidebook. You'll save money and it's more lightweight.

10. Keep a copy of important identification documents on your phone.

11. Write down backup codes for accounts that require two-step verification.

12. Stay clear of public, non-password-protected Wi-Fi networks.

13. If you REALLY need to stay connected/have an addiction, get a local SIM card.

14. If you don't have a GSM phone, consider getting an international add-on through your carrier.

15. Invest in a good, protective case. You won't regret it!

And, finally, the ⭐️ MOST IMPORTANT TIP ⭐️ of all is to put your phone down every once in a while and actually experience the adventure!!!

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