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    How To Transfer All Of Your Playlists To Spotify

    We'll miss you Rdio :'(

    Sad news for Rdio fans: the streaming service filed for bankruptcy and its assets are being sold to Pandora.

    I love Rdio more than anyone but, today, realized that it's finally time to switch to Spotify. / Via

    Listeners won't get the boot right away, but Rdio will eventually wind down its streaming platform as soon as the bankruptcy court approves its claim.

    *single tear rolling down cheek*

    There's a really easy way to transfer your Rdio playlists to Spotify. It's a website called Soundiiz.

    First, click "Start Converting," then log in to your Spotify and Rdio accounts from the Soundiz page.

    Soundiiz / Nicole / BuzzFeed

    Then drag and drop the desired Rdio playlist to the Spotify hub.

    Soundiiz / Nicole / BuzzFeed

    You can also import Tidal, Youtube, Soundcloud, and iTunes playlists.

    After a few minutes, Soundiiz will load all compatible songs to your Spotify account.

    Soundiiz / Nicole / BuzzFeed

    The app is currently in beta, so be patient if it takes longer than you expect.

    Great success!

    Nicole / BuzzFeed

    If Soundiiz isn't loading, you may have better luck with Playlist Exchange.

    Want to import *everything*? Follow the instructions for Spotify's Rdio importer.

    If you're willing to go through some technical loopholes, this script will match the artists you follow on Rdio, on Spotify. Another will export your Rdio collection to Spotify's saved tracks.

    You can also export playlists to a CSV file with this Chrome extension.

    Chrome Store

    Currently, there's no way to sync your Favorites or Downloads from Rdio.

    Rdio / Nicole / BuzzFeed

    But as soon as there is, I'll let you know.

    Goodbye, Rdio. I'll miss you. ๐Ÿ˜ข

    Universal Pictures / Via

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