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    How To Get Rid Of Gift Cards You'll Never Use

    So you can get what you actually want.

    Gift cards are always given with good intentions.

    But a card to the wrong store can be... distressing.

    And if you don't use your card quickly, chances are you might just forget about it: according to this survey, 51% of people who have gift cards never use them!

    1. Evaluate the value of your gift card by comparing its worth across sites.

    2. Gift Card Granny will compare the going rate of your card on multiple sites.

    3. Use Raise, an app where you set your own prices, if you think you can get more $$ than what those sites estimate.

    4. You can try to exchange your gift card for something specific on Reddit's /r/giftcardexchange.

    5. In some states, it's legal to get partial cash refunds for unused gift cards.

    6. For prepaid Visa or Amex cards, you might be able to cash them using Square's free reader.

    7. If you'd rather sell of a gift card in person, a Coinstar Exchange kiosk can help.

    8. Love Target? Try their new trade-in program.

    9. GameStop has a similar in-store trade in program for video game addicts, and eBay has an exchange for eBay credit.

    10. Donate the card to charity and get a tax receipt.

    11. For the gift cards you *do* want to keep, use Slide (free, iOS and Android) so you don't forget about them. You can also give them away or share with friends and family on the app.

    If you think your roommate or partner can shop for better apartment things than you can, Slide can help you share the gift card wealth. Enter in your gift card information into Slide, and see the remaining balance right on your phone. It'll even generate a barcode for the cashier to scan, so you won't have to carry around your cards anymore.

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