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    17 Impossibly Cool Inventions That'll Change The Way You Eat

    Warning: Will induce HUNGER.

    1. Kuvée ($180 to pre-order) is a smart wine bottle that accepts wine "cartridges" with special valves. The cartridges are designed to keep wine fresh for up to 30 days.

    A week after opening the wine, my mefo and I retasted the bottles (and got a lil' tipsy in the process).

    Our thoughts were mixed: Some of the wines kept well, while others didn't. According to Kuvée, I was the unfortunate recipient of defective valves and that when the device and wines ship in October, the issue should be resolved.

    2. Flatev ($250–$300) is billing itself as the Keurig of tortillas.

    3. Edible Cutlery ($10 for 100) hopes to reduce the insane amount of waste generated by plastic forks and spoons.

    4. Cinder ($189) is a smart grill that can cook the "perfect" steak.

    This grill, which will ship summer 2016, is like George Foreman's Lean Mean Machine, all grown up.

    Through the app, you can set how you'd like your steak cooked (medium, rare, etc.) and Cinder will notify you when it's done. The grill's cooking plates are heated to the temperature of the steak, so that it cooks the meat evenly throughout.

    5. PancakeBot ($300) prints flat breakfast wonders in any shape.

    6. Scroll ($7) is a silicone accessory that peels garlic as you roll it.

    7. June ($1,495 to pre-order) is an oven with a built-in camera that detects what's inside to offer cooking suggestions.

    8. Impossible Foods (TBD) is making a veggie, plant-based burger for meat lovers.

    9. Tovala ($200 to pre-order, $330 retail) is a smart oven *and* meal delivery service.

    Tovala will deliver cold-packed, scannable meals to your doorstep every week, based on what you select in the app.

    This oven scans the barcode on each meal, then perfectly steams, bakes, broils, and/or convection heats it to the chef's liking, because we literally can't be trusted to do anything ourselves (including pressing buttons).

    You can also cook your own foods, and use Tovala's wet and dry heating capabilities to experiment. For example, you can try steaming veggies for a bit, then broil them for a barbecued effect. Through the app, you can also save your favorite presets/combinations.

    10. The super-rugged Coffeeboxx ($300) can survive being run over by a truck.

    11. Click and Grow ($60) is a dummy-proof way to grow fresh herbs or fruit.

    12. Livin Farms ($649) is an at-home hive for edible, um, insects.

    13. This Butter Mill ($30) makes cold butter soft and spreadable.

    Butter tech is so hot (er, cold?) right now! As a butter-loving kid whose parents insisted on keeping it in the fridge, I could have never imagined such a thing, even in my dream of dreams, and yet *here it is.*

    14. Biem ($129 to pre-order), another butter gadget, turns sticks into spray.

    15. Coravin ($300) pumps argon gas into a wine bottle as you pour, preserving it for years.

    16. Drop ($90) is a connected scale that works with an app, so you make cocktails or baked goods without a problem.

    17. And, finally, there's the Philips Noodle Maker ($387), which can produce unlimited amounts of fresh homemade ramen!!!!

    Look at all the possibilities!!!!!!