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The Royal Family Will Pay You $70K To Tweet

OMG queen. (But actually.)

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Do you recognize this low-key glam British couple?

Chris Jackson / Getty Images

If you identified this man and woman as Prince William and Kate Middleton, Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, you are CORRECT — and may qualify for a fire new job that just opened up in the British monarchy.

Here they are looking painfully happy in Bhutan. 😁
Chris Jackson / Getty Images

Here they are looking painfully happy in Bhutan. 😁

The royal family is looking for a plebe to tweet about the Queen, take Instagram pics of lil' Princess Charlotte, and upload Facebook albums of the Duke meeting Chewbacca.

You'll be charged with such glorious social media duties as this:

The Queen is 90! #HappyBirthdayYourMajesty #Queenat90

But, most important, THIS:

Instagram: @kensingtonroyal

This little nugget could be your boss one day!

The position will pay £45,000 to £50,000 ($65,000 to $71,000), depending on experience.

According to the website: "Whether you're covering a state visit, award ceremony or royal engagement, you'll make sure our digital channels consistently spark interest and reach a range of audiences."

It's not clear if you'll *actually* get to travel with the Duke and Duchess around the world to former colonies or, um, Hogwarts, but you will probably be privy to a lot of insider royal info (which could be really cool?!).

You should be "a natural communicator, influential and with a genuine user focus. You'll liaise with a broad spectrum of stakeholders on a daily basis and will drive change through collaboration."

Chris Jackson / Getty Images

It doesn't look like you have to live in England to hold this job, so have at it, Anglophiles!

Chris Jackson / Getty Images

Interested parties have until April 24, 2016, to apply.

Good luck!

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