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    This Website Shows You Hundreds Of Things You Can Ask Siri

    "Hey Siri, wtf do you even do?"

    The iPhone's personal assistant with an attitude, Siri, is a source of endless entertainment when it fails.

    Or when it's super sassy for no reason at all. / Via

    The SHADE.

    But when Siri actually works, the results can be ✨ magical ✨ – and it all depends on how you phrase your request. is a website that lists hundreds of commands and thousands of variations that you can use on your iPhone (and soon, on your Mac).

    The giant database is an unofficial collection and was created by Sandra Roth in Lucerne, Switzerland. New commands are added as they're discovered.

    There's an official Siri site on, but it's not as comprehensive.

    Even as someone who actually uses Siri, I learned a ton from the Hey Siri site. Did you know that you can ask Siri to launch any app or take a picture?

    Just put your iPhone on a tripod and trigger the camera with your voice!

    It can show you the top news headlines on a specific topic.

    You can also ask her to raise your screen's brighness.

    Which is AWESOME when you're cooking and your hands are covered in flour, etc.

    Siri can also translate stuff?! Wtf.

    What about the fact that it can call the nearest McDonald's?

    Can't imagine why you'd actually need to do this but SO COOL.

    Pro-tip: use the Settings gear on the top right to filter results by device or language.

    There are many more features hidden within Siri to discover, so check it out here.

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