An Easy iPhone Tip For Everyone Whose iCloud Account Is Full

    The secret is in ~Settings~.

    Using your iPhone is a living hell when your iCloud storage is full.

    Legitimate tears start forming when you see this.

    You get notifications like this ALL. THE. TIME.

    And your iPhone becomes very unchill about your inability to back up your data.

    Well, there's an easy way to free up some iCloud space using your iPhone.

    First, open the Settings app, then tap on iCloud.

    Next, select Storage, then Manage Storage.

    This is where it gets good.

    Your iCloud storage is most likely full because it's storing backups from old devices. Tap the outdated backup > Delete Backup.

    Don't delete the backup that says "This iPhone."

    YAY. 2 gigabytes reclaimed!

    You can also delete stuff under Documents & Data. Tap the application and swipe left on each data item to delete.

    In the end, I was able to recover all the gigs. ALL OF THEM.

    If your 5GB of free iCloud storage still isn't big enough to back up your phone, consider backing it up to your computer instead.

    Plug the iPhone into your computer, open iTunes, and under "Backups" select "This computer" instead.

    Still have 99 iPhone problems but iCloud ain't one? Leave 'em in the comments and we'll help ya fix it.