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    This New iPhone Feature Will Help You Sleep Better

    Buh-bye, blue light.

    If a phone screen is the last thing you look at before going to bed, you may be ruining your sleep.

    Screens emit bright blue light, which can suppress the production of a sleep-inducing hormone called melatonin.

    Without melatonin to make you drowsy, you might be staying up too late. In the morning, you'll feel tired without a full night's rest.

    There's a blue light–reducing app for computers called F.lux and an Android app called Twilight, but nothing available for iPhones*...until today.

    *without jailbreaking them

    At a media event on Monday, Apple announced the public release of iOS 9.3, which includes a new feature called "Night Shift" that will reduce your iPhone's blue light when it gets dark.

    To get the feature on your iPhone, update to iOS 9.3 by opening Settings app > General > Software Update or connecting your iPhone to your computer and opening iTunes.

    (iTunes is usually faster than an over the air update).

    Then open Settings > Display & Brightness > Night Shift.

    Slide to enable "scheduled" Night Shift, which will automatically turn on a warm display when you go to bed.

    You can also tap the From/To arrow to set it to "Sunset and Sunrise."

    The iPhone will automatically enable Night Shift based on sunset/sunrise times in your location.

    Now your iPhone will look like this when it's dark out.

    If you select the manual setting, use the toggle to adjust the screen's temperature.

    Like this!

    🛏Good night, friends. 🌚